Why Big Red Diary?


DSC05884The December 2014 issue of Burgundy-Report Extra!

This is the last Burgundy Report of 2014 and it focuses on the 2013 offerings from a handful of ‘Grandes Maisons.’

When I look at the quality and also the quantity of ‘highly recommended’ wines in these reports, I can only shake my head at the some of the ‘highly irregular’ ‘early drinking’ ‘high acid’ ‘modest vintage’ reports that I’ve had the misfortune to read. Of-course, I’ve only tasted from barrel since the 1996s – so what do I know. It is also worth noting that the wines are apparently ‘putting on weight’ – some tasted in October and then again in December are now showing ever better!

But, most importantly, you will be the judge when you open your own bottles – but the ‘don’t miss’ wines that I highlight should cushion any ups and downs for you…

‘Grand Maisons’ 2013 Burgundy Vintage
275 wines, including much comment from their producers, and as always, those extra-special wines are highlighted:

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