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Marion Javillier 2021 Patrick JavillierTasted in Meursault with Marion Javillier, the 15 December, 2021.

Domaine Javillier
9 Rue des Forges
21190 Meursault
Tel: +33 3 80 21 27 87
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Marion on 2021:
In just a quick word – we have none! The whites were 75% down our Aloxe red brought only 50%, the rest were less bad…

Marion on 2020:
Considering 2021 that followed, we were lucky that it was a good vintage. In 2020 the confinement really gave us the opportunity to concentrate on our vines – no visits. The main thing is the earliness of the harvest; we started with one small parcel 19th August but were properly underway the 25th, with last grapes collected on the 1st of September. We have to remember the lack of rain – more of an effect for the reds than the whites but the wines have a nice structure and each wine is different from the next.

The wines…

A lovely range of wines from Marion this year – a domaine to never miss!

Two years ago I asked Marion about cork vs DIAM – “We’re testing DIAM but not all tests are finished yet – I do think that the reds close too much after bottling with DIAM though.​” The reds are bottled – 2 weeks – not all the whites are done yet:

​2020 Savigny-lès-Beaune Les Grands Liards
That’s an attractive red berry fruit – lovely. Supple, sweet, moreish wine with plenty of attractive finishing flavour too. Super Savigny villages…

​2020 Savigny-lès-Beaune 1er Les Serpentières
More airy, higher toned. This is more structural, nicely mobile and balanced. Calmer but I like that it’s a little less sweet. Super finishing with energy and a more mineral presence – lip-smacking flavour – lovely!

2020 Aloxe-Corton
A deeper nose, a little darker fruit too, though a suggestion of reduction behind. More direct, finely fresh – there’s concentration here too. A larger scale to this finish – which is complex and very tasty again. Another lovely wine.

Les whites…

2020 Bourgogne Côte d’Or Cuvée des Forgets
Currently on fining for bottling around January
A width of finely divided complexity. Super in the mouth – at first direct before widening over the palate. Very silky, just a little fat. Growing with finishing energy too. That’s a great Bourgogne!

2020 Bourgogne Cuvée Oligocène​​
From Pellans, half of Pellans is Meursault. Normally 10,000 bottles of this vs 20,000 of the latter. To bottle 2-3 weeks
More direct aromas, mineral and citrus – aromatic tension. There’s a little richness here, but the silky texture gives way to flavour that rolls beautifully around the mouth. Like the last, growing and widening in the strong finish. So different – excellent wine. A rare vintage where this isn’t my favourite of the two Bourgognes, delicious as this is…

2020 Meursault Clos du Cromin
Also on fining for bottling early next year.
A lovely nose – fine, pure and attractive – the citrus fruit accented to lime. Super. Mineral, mouth-watering but comfortable too. That’s far too easy to drink. Completely delicious wine.

2020 Meursault Tillets
3 weeks in bottle
More airy with some white blossom complexity. Extra mineral, fabulous clarity. Growing wide and mouth-watering. You could certainly say more strict – but never in a negative way – bravo!

The next two were bottled 2-3 weeks ago:

2020 Meursault Les Clousots
A nose that’s rounder but full of clean, pure, citrus elements. Also a nicely direct wine – perhaps halfway between the previous two, more layers of finishing flavour. A really impressively delicious finish – well done!

2020 Meursault Tête de Murger
Here the aromas have more width – more zesty citrus skin. Yes – Tillets-plus. Mineral, slowly moving, layering, perhaps a little contemplative. The finish bursting forward again. And so persistent. Yes!

2020 Corton-Charlemagne
From Pougets – south-facing. Always a small cuvée here, 1200 bottles. Only just racked.
More aromatic volume and quite vibrant too. Hmm, concentration and intensity without weight – an ethereal style to this wine. The finish really very complex, showing a little more barrel today than the others but never, seemingly, overdone. That’s delicious and simply excellent Charlemagne.

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