2018 red burgundy – opinion & food for thought

Update 26.12.2019(25.12.2019)billn

But doesn’t everybody love 2018 red burgundy? 2018 will undoubtedly be a controversial red vintage, a polarising red vintage; those who like the sweetness and those who do not, those who are less sensitive to the higher alcohols and spiciness of 14+++ degrees of alcohol* and those who are not. I’ve started writing this summary…

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There are 2 responses to “2018 red burgundy – opinion & food for thought”

  1. Marko de Morey de la Vosne25th December 2019 at 1:52 pmPermalink

    I’m going to hold back at the mo, to a degree, on the basis of ‘enough’ Xmas morning fizz & sherry so far, and maybe comment, briefly, further when more compos mentis (!) but I’ve already read enough Bill to know I’m in 100%+ agreement – and that from only a very small personal sample – which has been enough when added to working the sweltering, drought infested, 2018 vendange when I’ve never been so hot & thirsty in my life, losing half a stone in days ! But, you are particularly spot on in terms of merchants comments, in which respect what I’ve been reading lately (UK only) is, strong words but I can’t hold back, just imho absolutely disgraceful & akin to ‘conmen’ commentary. Strong words (again) I know but many of these merchant comedians don’t have my personal multi vintage working experiences. I’m so relieved I can sit out buying this vintage (age & existing cellar size) as it must/will be be a total minefield for the buyer. If you can’t taste then don’t buy has to be the watchword given even domaines will have both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ wines in their own ‘mixes’. I certainly don’t want to buy Burgundy akin to New World Pinot.
    My Xmas lunch is now calling so gotta go – am drinking Beaucastel ’93 C9DP, heresy I know, but as I don’t believe a ‘proper’ Burg is appropriate to the UK Xmas Turkey Dinner fest ! Enjoy your respective Christmas Day’s one & all – drink well whatever is in your glass ! Oh, as always, mega thanks Bill for all your efforts on the most balanced (imho) Burgundy opinion site anywhere 🙂

  2. fjelsea16655th January 2020 at 3:35 amPermalink

    Excellent analysis. Time to update your vintage charts.

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