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Tasted in Pommard with Daniel Rebourgeon, 08 November, 2017.

Domaine Rebourgeon-Mure
6A Grande-Rue
21630 Pommard
Tel: +33 3 80 22 75 39

Daniel on the most recent vintages:
In 2017 we are happy to have made some wine! The yields were not so high, I would say late 40s (hectolitres per hectare)- like in the 1990s – compared to the 17-18 hl/ha that was our return in 2016 – we produced 60 barrels of wine in 2016, compared to 150-160 in a ‘standard’ vintage.

The wines…

These wines to start bottling tomorrow, ​and despite being prepared to bottle, these showed rather well! As always here, great Pommards!

2016 Bourgogne Maison Dieu Rouge
Only 30% of a normal vintage, Maison Dieu near the Château Pommard
A nose of good, clean, deep-red fruit and depth – more limited in width. Supple, nicely concentrated, really only modest tannin for a Pommard location. A bright wave in the finish, edged with the growing tannin, but all fine – wait 2 years.

​2016 Beaune 1er Epenottes
The first vines over the border with Pommard
A little tight but some pretty freshness of aroma. The palate has energy and fine fruit – the structure more reflective of Pommard though. Very tasty and like the Bourgogne wait a couple of years… super length…

2016 Pommard
​Perrières normally delicate, and the rest from the side of Pommard next to Volnay such as Vaches
Also a reticent nose, but fine and delicate aromas. This is more open, a little more complex, good freshness of flavour, a tannin not unlike the previous two wines, fine and mouth-watering in the finish with a little floral component. This will make a lovely bottle…

2016 Beaune 1er Vignes Franches
Ooh, this has a really fine and pure nose – super. Open, much finer tannin, faintly spiced and beautifully finishing. What a honey!

2016 Volnay 1er Mitans
Narrow but deep, very fine fruit. A little more scale to this wine, a touch more tannin too – but no grain. Bigger and more lasting finishing flavour – more patience needed here vs the the Beaune – delicious finishing…

2016 Volnay 1er Santenots
Planted in the 1960s​ – from dessus – ‘a little less fine but it ages really well’
Ooh, that goes deep, this the first with an aromatic touch of oak. Really a fine texture to start, slowly the tannin rises from below, but the fresh fruit has a lovely open and pure character, only heading into the finish does the accent of oak return. As always with Santenots have patience, but this is a super wine with a great finish.

2016 Volnay 1er Caillerets
Dessus 2 parcels
Really a classic Caillerets aromatic – there is width and clarity that is really something. The wine is lithe, pure, with much less overt tannin – though it’s there. Here accented with a little salinity. The delicacy and purity yet engaging complexity are simply lovely. All these wines need a little time but they will reward. A great finish.

2016 Pommard 1er Clos des Arvelets
A tighter nose, there is clearly some thing red, perhaps faintly spiced. More volume and really a fine, velvet texture, the fruit can’t easily compete with the Caillerets, but this is a slightly bigger, rounder wine vs the width of the last Volnay. Good waves of broad finishing flavour though. Very tasty wine…

2016 Pommard 1er Clos des Charmots
Really old vines from 1901 and the 1920s – ‘it’s always a wine of delicacy from here.’
Also a little tight, but with a pretty red, acidulated fruit top-note – slowly a pure red fruit depth comes into focus. Fresh, wide like the Caillerets, slightly denser but also more floral fruit. Really a chewy, tasty weight of delicious flavour. This has the potential to best the Caillerets!
2016 Pommard 1er Grands Epenots
Family bought this at the revolution.!
A tight but pretty red fruit, slowly opening with a very fine clarity and depth. Rounder, enveloping, flavour, mouth-watering and absolutely the most delicious of all the wines – energy, sucrosity, complexity. I would even say generosity! Bravo.

And some 2015s:

​2015 Pommard
Deeper aromatic the the previous wines, more density too. Volume in the mouth, concentration too. Long, tasty, lip-smacking wine – really a density in the finish. The 16s are much more ethereal here…

2015 Volnay 1er Santenots
A deep nose, very faintly spiced. Quite some volume in the mouth, impact of flavour, slow waves of flavour in the finish too. Impressive stuff, but so-far I much prefer the delivery and fineness of fruit in the 16s.

2015 Volnay 1er Caillerets
Fresher but still with a spicy anecdote. Really silky, beautifully textured wine, the flavour melting from the structure – from the core. Ooh this is so good. Big in a 2015 style but what a wine!

2015 Volnay 1er Mitans
A little extra width on the nose with pretty red fruits. Like the last, great texture, more velvet than silk in this case, but there is very impressive depth of flavour. Long radiating waves in the finish. This is also no slouch! More muscle here.

2015 Pommard 1er Clos des Arvelets
‘South-facing, no early sun, but always too warm in the middle of the day…’
Here is a fine freshness and even a delicacy of fruit aroma. Fresher in the mouth, little waves of fine, fresh, saline inflected flavour. Slightly floral finish – this is really something, and unlike the first wines, not overtly from a ripe vintage, beautiful.
2015 Pommard 1er Clos des Charmots
This is a nose that also has lots of dimension – freshness of fruit included. Super silky, growing in volume and complexity, simply delicious, complex wine with a great intensity but also innate balance – bravo!

2015 Pommard 1er Clos Micault
On the Volnay side of Pommard
Density but fine top notes of fruit too. A little more width and certainly a more visible tannin, but the flavour melts beautifully over the palate – long and absolutely delicious wine!

Daniel says that the Pommard Epenots was the exceptional wine at the domaine in 2015 – so now it’s all gone!

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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