Monette – 2016

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Tasted with Roelof Ligtmans in Mercurey, 06 November 2017.

Domaine de la Monette
15 Rue du Château
71640 Mercurey
Tel: +33 3 85 98 07 99

​Roelof on 2017:
2017 was quite chaotic for us; first there was the St.Vincent here in Mercurey, then we learned that Safer had 4 ha of vines for us, but they needed a little bit of work as the weeds were very high. Then we had some frost on 3 hectares from 11 at the domaine, versus 2 hectares of frost on only 6 hectares that we had in 2016. Then we had some worry about mildew in early June when had to borrow an old tractor as my new one was delayed – it was hard to penetrate the foliage with the treatment at that time – there was some damage, but it was quite limited, so no problem.

“The unfrosted vines brought generous yields – but the surprise was that the quality was also so good. We started our harvest on the 8th and finished on the 15th – and still no rot – but the clusters were starting to fall apart on the triage table. All our wines came in between 12° and 13° – maybe some of the whites a little more.

​Roelof on 2016:
A year of horror – frost and mildew. If it had rained one week more I might have had to do something drastic. Two from six hectares were frosted. We harvested in 5 days 25-30 September. Quality wise it’s not 2015 but its better than 2014 – not too much structure but nicely commercial wines… no white mercurey as most of the west of the appellation was lost.

The wines…

2016 Aligoté
A blend of two vines – not enough for two cuvees, 60+90 year-old vines. This is bottled, most are. Just one old 500 l barrel
Deep and a good weight of implied aroma. Round, lovely depth and complexity here, a mineral aspect without losing the sucrosity of the aligote. A vibration of finishing flavour – really a specially long flavour here

​​2016 Bourgogne Côtes Chalonnaise Les Pertuisots
Vines that came from Domaine de Villaine
A fresh, more open nose. Supple, with growing intensity, hmm, lots of salinity before a long sweet finish – this is a bit of a honey… yum!

Les rouges…

​2016 Coteaux Bourguignone Cuvée 1395
Not 100% gamay as they were frozen, so two-thirds pinot this year.
A nice volume of aroma – pretty dark-red fruits. Super mouth-feel – great texture that slowly turns from silk to velvet as the tannin works its way to the surface. Energy and complexity in a very tasty package – yum!

2016 Bourgogne Côte Chalonnaise Sur le Chateau
Good volume, a slightly savoury aspect to the nose. Big, growing intensity, clean flavours. A little rigour here. But plenty of good character.

2016 Bourgogne Côte Chalonnaise
All sold in the Netherlands
There’s a suggestion of reduction here but it just adds depth to what is anyway great fruit. Fuller, round, great shape in the mouth, nice texture too. Very young – you should wait – but this is really excellent!!

2016 Bourgogne En Cortchat
Was bottled in August…
Also a deep nose with less obvious reduction. Lovely vibrancy to the fruit. Again, a nice shape and volume in the mouth, great texture here, the depth of mid-palate flavour is a little nicer and longer – padded with just a little oak (1 from 6 barrels was new) – excellent and a little easier today, despite being a wine that will also reward your patience.

2016 Mercurey Les Chavances
Only half yields due to frost.
A deep nose, ripe but very attractive fruit. Big, fresh, easy, but attractive, slightly saline. There is more here, but it’s very much the easy ‘drink me style’ which most of the other wines here are much less so… but very yum!

2016 Mercurey Le Saut Muchieu
Ooh, a nose similar to the last – dark-red and with very inviting ripeness of fine fruit – but at the same time promising freshness – becoming very much purer – super! Big in the mouth, framed with a velvet tannin. Needing more patience than the last, but this is adorable. Yes! Such a gorgeous nose!
2016 Mercurey Les Bourguignones
The last wine that’s still in tank.
A deep and vibrant dark fruit, just a touch of oak spice too. As good as the last, with more width and energy – floral anecdotes too. The structure is more for the cellar. But it’s open and super on the palate – a deep, long finish, with a faint herb – but that’s just a part of the wide complexity. Be patient, then enjoy – maybe 2-3 years waiting before a revisit. Bravo!

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