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dsc01709Tasted with Anne Parent in Pommard, 15 November 2016.

Domaine Anne et Catherine Parent
3 rue de la Métairie
21630 Pommard
Tel: +33 3 80 22 15 08

Anne on 2016:
Yum, yum! But we lost 65%! Though the largest losses were in the generic appellations; the Beaune 1er lost 70%, Ladoix 1er and regionals 90%. But the quality is really good, so I decided to do some whole cluster fermentations. So the quality brings a lot of satisfaction, we saw relatively low malic acidity and the wine looks great.

“Of-course it is the 7th consecutive vintage with too low a quantity. Without the frost it would have been a big crop, but our cellars are empty. We managed to stay organic through the vintage, except two small regional vineyards where we had mildew, but in the end the frost took 90% of those anyway…

Anne on 2015:
For the 2015s we almost have nothing to say. We lost about 40% as the vines really hadn’t recovered their potential after the hail of the preceding 3 years. We sorted 0.05% – that’s less than 2005. I decided to start picking the 5 September, it was important not to be too late or 14% would easily have been achieved. The quality is sublime, even wow! I was anxious for the whites and I didn’t want to lose acidity so I started my harvest with the Corton white.

The domaine is planning Demeter certification for the 2017 vintage.

The wines…

2009 and just a little in 2010 were the last vintages where I used whole clusters here, but I decided that 2015 was the perfect vintage for that.

Many of these wines will not be racked before March. At this stage of elevage the wines here always show some oak, but a vintage like 2015 will soon gobble that up. That said, there are still a few here that ?d love to have in my cellar!

2015 Bourgogne Rouge
A blend of vineyards close to Pommard and Volnay; l’Orme, Carelle & Crenilles. Raised in older 600 litre barrels, this was racked into tank one month ago.
A modest nose, faintly herbed red fruit. A little savoury flavour, but large-scaled, well textured wine – the mid-palate and finish are very tasty indeed. A great finish with a little floral addition.

2015 Bourgogne Rouge ‘Selection’
Old vines. Includes some Pommard Noizions – 1 barrel from 13 barrels total. Also destemmed but with a little longer 14 day maceration. Not yet racked. No new oak, elevage in demi-muids. Last made this cuvée in 2009. Will fill a lot of magnums from this.
A little deeper colour and a little deeper aromatic too, a fuller nose, if still a little tight. Bigger, more dimension, some oak, but this is almost halfway between villages and 1er cru quality – wow!

2015 Ladoix 1er Cru La Corvée
In the hammeau of Buisson – a south-facing slope next to Clous d’Orge, lots of small limestone stones here. 10% whole cluster and 30% new oak.
A faint toast, part of a modest width of aroma. Also fine texture, less overt volume, but more line and a lovely mid-palate flavour – redder fruited – fine small waves of fine finishing flavour – simply lovely!

2015 Pommard La Croix Blanche
30% wc and 35% new oak.
Tight but with a fresh depth of clean fruit. More floral fruit, more energy, a faint base of tannin. Floral and long – a joyous finish!

2015 Beaune 1er cru Les Epenottes
One of the largest owners with 1.5 hectares. 20% wc, 35% new wood
A silky and wide nose of red fruit. More mineral and cool, the fruit slowly leaching from the gums, more fresh intensity in the mid-palate. Mouth watering flavour, here with a little more tannin structure showing through – but velvet tannin. Will be super.

2015 Pommard 1er Cru Les Argillières
Across from Grands Epenots. Not a very deep soil. 40% wc and 45% new oak – about 21-22 days maceration for these 1ers.
More colour here. Deep, a little oak addition to the top notes – modest but pretty. A little more volume, here is a wonderful texture that implies weight without over-delivering. Super depth of mid-palate flavour. Mouth-watering finish from a a little tannin. Lovely, certainly more to wait for, but very lovely!

2015 Pommard 1er Cru Croix Noir
30% wc and 35% new oak.
Also great colour. The nose like the others less overtly formed, but with freshness and a faint accent of oak. A little more mineral, lovely width of complex flavour with an inherent freshness. A little tannin and frankly beautiful flavours to finish with – great potential here – super wine!

2015 Pommard 1er Cru Chanlins
Next to Volnay, deep soil but lots of (lime) stones, some slope here too, 18 yo vines. 40% wc, 45% new oak.
A little more open and deep, a little toffee oak, but this is quite attractive. Lithe, nice weight, good complexity of sweet fruit but also from the oak – the last points of flavour being fresher and more interesting. Also a wine to wait for but the outline looks very good. Fine persistence as seemingly always this year…

2015 Pommard 1er Cru Les Chaponnières
This wine, made from 78 year-old vines. This and the two previous are worked by horse. 50% wc, and 55% new oak.
Also a little more open, with a fine floral lift to the red fruit. Bigger, but also sturdier – more innate structure here. The tannin is plentiful yet almost silky – no grain here. This is really excellent!
2015 Pommard 1er Cru Les Epenots
An assembly of grands and petits epenots, 60% wc, 40% new oak.
A deep and I would say very satisfying nose. Wide, very silky before the tannin starts to exert a little more influence. Supple and yet powerful. Not too structured and a super melting flavour on the palate. Also to wait for, but also excellent! A great finish, a little burst of flavour, some flowers then a very long diminuendo…
2015 Corton-Renardes
100% wc and new oak.
That’s a beautiful nose that really doesn’t show much oak – the fruit is a beautiful slightly textured impression and of super clarity too. In the mouth it’s the same – clarity of flavour, width, almost a tension, and clearly the best length. It’s not the largest scaled wine here, but it’s easily the most complete today – I have some love for this wine…

Les Blancs…

2015 Monthelie
Not batonnage all the fermentations in oak, 30% new. Decanted 24 before the barrels.
Pretty and fresh, nice precise notes. Actually this is beautiful on the palate, ingraining, fresh, attractively melting flavours. Bravo – excellent finishing!

2015 Corton Blanc
100% new oak, no batonnage. From En Rognets et Corton, sitting above Ladoix, the roots are directly onto the mother rock if you go more than 30cm.
A little vibration of aroma – a little mineral depth to the nose too. Width and quite some overall volume, but there is freshness, complexity and a nice texture here. Layered, considered yet at the same time bubbling with energy. This is simply excellent wine – super!

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