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DSC08366Tasted in Nuits with Pascale and Clément Chicotot, 24 October 2015.

Domaine Chicotot
15 Rue du Général de Gaulle
21700 Nuits-Saint-Georges
Tel: +33 3 80 61 19 33

This domaine’s 9 hectares of vines are virtually all in Nuits, but in the last 3 years some Beaune and Pommard has been added, but those 2014 have not yet finished their malo. It’s a cold cellar and some are very late!

Pascale on 2015:
“2015? Grandiose but only a half harvest. We started on the 6th of September with our vines in Pommard.”

The wines…

Most of the 14s have been moved from barrel to tank to finish their elevage, though clearly it was a little too early to be tasting at this address. The wines showed many interesting sides and gave me some positive impressions, but really it would have been better to taste in another month or-so. Lots of reduction still in the tanks.

2014 Nuits St.Georges Aux Allots
New since 2013, planning the bottling for Feb.
Pretty red notes, some depth, plenty of width here. Leaching flavour through a little tannin. Good direct flavour in the finish. Clearly a wine that’s quite early on the elevage trail,

2014 Nuits St.Georges Les Plantes aux Bois
Reduced. A little larger in the mouth, the tannin is rounder with a hint of salinity. Nice fresh finish. Good!

2014 Nuits St.Georges 1er Rue de Chaux
A very modest reduction, with energetic, bright dark red fruit – lovely. Softer texture, plenty of tannin, but very fine, a hint of whole cluster flavour here, lingering flavour in the finish. Very good wine again with a saline edge to the tannin.

2014 Nuits St.Georges 1er Les Vaucrins
The nose is very mildly reduced, but the fruit behind is very nice, wide and just a little floral. Big and round, lots of very well-managed tannin, slowly mouth-watering flavour that’s just faintly mineral. The last drops in the glass smell really super. Yum!

2014 Nuits St.Georges 1er Les St.Georges
The nose is mineral, less fruit driven – to start. Really wide, and with a big base of tannic texture. The tannins retain a hint of salinity. Long finishing, the last drops have a nice florality to the red fruit nose. Excellent.

So let’s try the 2013s…

2013 Nuits St.Georges les Allots
Fresher nose, vibrant red fruit, complex and pretty. Wide, with lovely energy, the mid-palate has just a little comfort to the texture, lovely fresh flavour. This is a lot of fun already.

2013 Nuits St.Georges Les Plantes au Baron
A little reduction, a nice fleshy texture, with fine acidity. The tannin is present in the middle, but the finishing fruit flavour is really lovely.

2013 Nuits St.Georges 1er Rue de Chaux
Deep dark fruit. Lovely, comforting texture and weight of flavour. There’s a hint of salt in the fresh finishing flavours. Lovely wine.

2013 Nuits St.Georges 1er Les Vaucrains
Deep fruit, with a hint of reduction – big wine but with comforting texture and no hardness or dryness. A wine who’s concentration creeps up on you. Lovely.

2013 Nuits St.Georges 1er Les St.Georges
Lovely complex aromas – this is a beauty, with floral and fruit elements. Far more silky, wonderful stuff.
2001 Nuits St.Georges 1er Les St.Georges
Lovely width and additional complexity. Really mouth-filling. Complex, more autumn leaves, still plenty of tannin, lovely dimension of flavour. First class…

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