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DSC05332Tasted in Beaune with David Croix, 22 October, 2014.

Domaine des Croix
2 Rue Colbert
21200 Beaune
Tel: +33 3 80 22 41 81+33 3 80 22 41 81

David on 2013:
“After the season we got, I didn’t know what to expect. The average here was only 17 hl/ha, but because of the late ripening I do see an aromatic similarity to 2008 – though less rhubarb! But it IS different to 2008 because there’s more purity. The acid can be a bit biting but I like the aromatics and I especially like the energy.”

The wines…

Frankly a very great set of wines, it’s just a shame that there are so few bottles to go around.
One of my top addresses in 2013.

2013 Bourgogne Rouge
In this vintage, a single 350 litre (new) barrel.
from vines in Savigny.
Lovely, intense, bright, clear fruit. For what this is, it is palate-staining and frankly super. It is so far-removed from the average Bourgogne – really it’s a very good villages-level wine.

2013 Aloxe-Corton Les Boutières
Only 10 hl/ha because “the battle of downy-mildew took place here” recounts David…
Deeper red fruit, somehow wide and almost toffeed. Good tannin and fine mid-palate flavour. Yum!

2013 Beaune
A tighter nose of darker fruit – only slowly adding a little more volume and intensity. The palate has a little minerality and flashes of really lovely fruit. Faintly grained background to the mid-palate. Clean finishing – a cut above most villages Beaune.

2013 Beaune 1er Cent Vignes
A little more aromatic energy, with a bright flash of fruit, then another and another. Wide, lithe and detailed with more mid-palate complexity and intensity. Yum!

2013 Beaune 1er les Grèves
Only enough for one barrel this vintage.
The nose shows a faint reduction but lovely depth of fruit – the aromas seem layered. Some gas but lots of depth and even more interest – the CO2 obscure much of the rest.

2013 Savigny-lès-Beaune 1er Les Peuillets
Again there’s a faint reduction, but there’s lovely fruit too. I really love the mid-palate intensity here – and the energy and depth too. Great Savigny!

2013 Beaune 1er Bressandes
The nose almost shows blackberry fruit, together with a little oak spice. Silkier wine here – but also no gas due to a racking. Lovely wine.

2013 Beaune 1er Pertuisots
Pretty top notes of flowers, below it’s a little more blocky. ouf! This is really lovely in the mouth, despite an obvious increase in ‘tannin volume’. Excellent potential.

2013 Corton La Vigne au Saint
The nose is wide and also shows a very good depth of red fruit. Lovely, lovely sucrosité to the fruit, the flavour finishing more mineral. Refined, elegant and yum! The last notes in the glass are more floral. I sometimes find this wine a little simple – but not here – super!

2013 Corton Grèves
I spoke too soon, here is a much more serious nose. Seriously structured too – but the fruit in the middle of this structure-sandwich is very fine. Lots of potential here.

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