Vignes du Maynes – 2019


Vignes du Maynes 2021 Julien GuillotTasted with Julien Guillot in Hurigny, 08 November 2021.

Domaine des Vignes du Maynes
Rue des Moines
71260 Cruzille
Tel : +33 3 85 33 20 15
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Julien on 2019:
In 2019 it was hot and dry again – but, fortunately, we had some rain before the harvest and also, fortunately, no frost or hail either. The volume we produced wasn’t bad. Nothing is bottled from 2020 – where we had 4 months of dryness! – so prefer to show these 2019s, as their elevage is now roughly 24 months.

The wines…

As always a great range from Julien – and also as always, his ‘Manganite’ is a great wine – worthy of a special search. This year too I’d add his far from simple Mâcon-Villages Blanc to your list of wines to search out for.

2019 Julien Guillot, Mâcon-Villages
There are various bottlings, this the first, after 20 months on lees.
Wide, some herbed green notes of complexity. Still a bead of CO2 but this has an energy of its own too. Round but with a fine shape and a mouthwatering finish – simply delicious – bravo – I really want to take another glass.

2019 Domaine des Vignes du Maynes, Mâcon-Cruzilles Aragonite
Bottled just before the harvest – one year in demi-muids and the rest of the time in tank with the fine lees.
Complex, some freshness and a hint of quince fruit. Airy but full of energy – that’s a wine that grows and grows in volume, filling the palate. A wine that’s alive – keep it a couple of years and you will have something, as a minimum, excellent.

2019 Domaine des Vignes du Maynes, Bourgogne Les Crays
Old limestone, friable due to its age which is quite rare in the region. One parcel called Les Cras (of the three) with the warmer climate ‘I think the pinot lovely here – it was only chardonnay for a long time.’ Also 2 years of elevage like the whites
A smoky width of finely complex fruit. I love the shape here – lots of volume but never dense. Mouth-watering and deliciously complex – and it’s only a Bourgogne! A small coating of dryness as the last memory. Excellent again.

2019 Julien Guillot, Mâcon Rouge Selection Massale
Some contracts where he searches the region for older vines.
Pungent but in a great way – such an invitation – almost a big hug. Fresh, mouth-watering – wine of scale but like the last, never dense – delicious already. Super wine.

2019 Domaine des Vignes du Maynes, Mâcon-Cruzille Manganite
Again 2 years of elevage – it’s just about to be bottled. Planted in the 1950s a type of gamay called ‘petit-grain.’
A slightly reductive depth to this very impressive nose – but it swiftly departs becoming more and more perfumed. Extra silk, extra intensity – tension – love this energy. It’s a vibrant almost dynamic wine – great!

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