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Nicholas Maillet 2021Tasted with Nicholas Maillet in Hurigny, 08 November 2021.

Domaine Nicolas Maillet
La Cure
71960 Verzé
Tél : +33 3 85 33 46 76
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Nicholas on 2020:
In 2021 we had frost and hail but managed 35 hl/ha. In 2020 we had grapes – still not an enormous harvest – but we had grapes and they were lovely, so we could be happy. As for the wines, is it the biodynamics? It’s a ripe vintage but we still have the freshness – I like to think it’s the biodynamics!

The wines…

A super range – without actually picking out a single wine here, on reflection, there was nothing here that I wouldn’t happily open up at home!

All the wines cork-sealed:

2020 Bourgogne Aligoté
Vines from 1936 a massale selection at the bottom of the hills
Extra freshness to this narrow, saline-edged nose. Hmm – great mineral width and clarity – that’s so purely delicious.

2019 Mâcon-Igé
‘Bottom of the hill’
More volume to this aroma – complex with herbs and a greener style of citrus. In the mouth too – more a herbed lime style but with ripeness as a foil to very fine acidity. A super finish

2019 Mâcon-Verzé
‘Middle of the hill.’
Open, with a nicely airy nose. Extra weight of concentration but no lack of fresh energy here – just as juicy as the others – the finishes of all these wines are brilliantly fine!

2019 Mâcon-Verzé Chemin Blanc
Like the others, only tank elevage – it can take six months for the fermentation to finish. Also, vines from 1936 with lots of different genetic material included.
More of a high and low tones wine that of extra width. Very mineral – a subtle rigour but with flavour melting from all angles this is hardly a wine to wait for – though you probably should. Very long!

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