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Tasted in Meursault with Marion Javillier, the 18 October, 2017.

Domaine Javillier
9 Rue des Forges
21190 Meursault
Tel: +33 3 80 21 27 87

Marion on 2016:
​I love the 2016s – despite it being a micro-vintage! ​We have a really a good balance between the acidity and depth. ​The reds totaled less than 50% of a normal volume, and there was no white Savigny. The Bourgogne Forgets cuvée wasn’t touched by the frost, neither was the Bourgogne Cuvée Oligocène, but the Meursault Clos du Cromin lost more than 60% – every vineyard was different. Bourgogne is biggest volume here, so from a volume perspective it wasn’t too bad for the domaine.

Marion on 2017:
As for the 2017s – I’m happy with those too! We’ve a good quantity and the wines look good too. I would say that it’s a normal volume, but the last time that we had ‘normal’ was in 2011!

The wines…

Fewer wines to taste, but more a function of the stage of elevage than lack of wine. Some great results from the usual wines and others that just need a bit more aging to show their full potential. As usual, a great address…

​2016 Savigny-lès-Beaune Les Grands Liards
This was assembled at the end of July, and will possibly be bottle in another month.
A good nose, no herb, just attractive, inviting fruit. Nice width, juicy flavour, finishing with a good length of sweetness – an off-ripe impression to finish but still nicely mouth-watering flavour.

​2016 Savigny-lès-Beaune 1er Les Serpentières
A little deeper colour. Narrower but deeper aromas of darker fruit – nice. Extra depth and a little more flesh on the texture. Just delicious, juicy wine. Super-tasty!

Les blancs:
​We start with two wines that are already bottled for whites – bottled 2 weeks ago. This was just a small first bottling, the rest will be done in January.

2016 Bourgogne Cuvée des Forgets
Ooh – open good volume of fresh citrus – lots if invitation to drink here. Lovely width and freshness, a slowly penetrating, slightly mineral depth of flavour. Delicious wine, expressive, plenty of depth – I’ll take a second sip!

2016 Meursault Clos du Cromin
60% losses from 1 hectare
A nose that starts in a more modest way, slowly, slowly adding volume. More minerality in the width of flavour and more concentration too. Less bubbly personality than the bourgogne, but no less mouth-watering and tasty – an ingraining sucrosity of flavour here. Easy to say – delicious again.

Now wines from tank that are on fining:

2016 Bourgogne Cuvée Oligocène​​
From Pellans, half of Pellans is Meursault, but in this vintage, wrongly, I think, not this. Will bottle on November.
Fine clarity already – a delightful nose – really a beautiful combination of citrus and mineral elements – bravo! Nice volume, really not far behind the Cromin in weight, deliciously mouth-watering and complex, the level of a fine villages in 2016 – bravo!

2016 Meursault Tillets
A little higher toned freshness to the nose – fine citrus, though tighter below. This has a fine texture and a more Meursault flavour, but less expressive than the Oligocène today. There’s more material and there’s great balance here, but it’s the time in elevage that is still lacking. This will be excellent, clearly, and I love the finishing flavour..

2016 Meursault Clousots
A little coaxing required but this has a fine aromatic precision of higher toned citrus, backed by subtle minerality – super elegant. Wide, wider, a fine panorama with excellent ‘Meursaultness.’ Waves of fine finishing flavour. Super wine again.

2016 Meursault Tête de Murger
A blend of two vineyards.
Here a little more (fresh) ripeness of citrus at the core. Fresher, a little more volume and a little more mouth-watering energy too. Less direct concentration but more mobile complexity – mouth-watering complexity. A wine to savour – bravo!

The Corton-Charlemagne was just racked, so wasn’t shown, but there is a cuvée!

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