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Tasted in Meursault with Nadine Gublin, the 20 October, 2017.

Domaine Jacques Prieur
6 Rue des Santenots
21190 Meursault
Tel: +33 3 80 21 23 85

Nadine on 2017:
Really a normal vintage here and for both colours. We’re very happy.

Nadine on 2016:
20th September was our starting date.

“For us it’s half a harvest, but fortunately we have 27 different wines here, so on the positive side it isn’t the same vines every year which have been bit – not like some smaller domaines.

“I see really super differences between the vineyards in 2016.

The wines…

Really a great address for whites in 2016 – particularly for the white Beaune 1er crus – as they very often are here. Great work…

2016 Bourgogne Chardonnay
This is in tank after an all foudre elevage before being moved into tank with all the lees. Vines behind the domaine buildings in Meursault – roughly 1 hectare that’s effectively across the road from the Clos de la Barre – but still 50m away given the buildings…
Big, bright, overt yellow citrus. Plenty of gas, but nice weight, and silky texture. A great start. Good concentration and a delicious citrus-infused flavour. A nice finish too

2016 Meursault Clos du Mazeray
Part with elevage in foudre and part in barrel – roughly equal. A parcel, just below Goutes d’Or, a 3ha parcel, some red planted here too.
More width of aroma, a little less ready but again a yellow citrus style. Fresher, brighter, clear Meursault flavour, this is lovely wine. Easy, but with a fine energy – a great finish again.

2016 Beaune 1er Les Grèves Blanc
0.53 hectares and the most frosted of all the parcels of the domaine – it produced 10 hl/ha
Ooh, that’s a very fine and direct fresh citrus – super inviting. Lots of freshness, more-so than the Meursault, a hint more complexity and intensity too. This will be a great wine – such a shame that there will be so little of it.
2016 Beaune 1er Clos de la Feguine
Planted in 1993. Direct south-facing so didn’t get the direct first sun – it was the east facing hillsides that lost the most due to the first sun, here it was a normal harvest!
Super width, a little more waxy texture, less overt but no less complex than the the Grèves. More width, must as much energy, but more mineral in style. Really a long delicious diminuendo.
2016 Beaune 1er Champs Piments
Chardonnay also at the top of this vineyard. A soil with a lot of white clay which could be compared to Charlemagne. Prieur have 3 hectares here, 1.19 hectares of white, with a majority of the elevage in foudres. Also frosted, but still just under 30 hl/ha
A very fresh, wide, attractive nose – like all these, yellow-citrus shaded. Fresh, lots of volume, a little less energy than the last two but with more concentration. More layered, more considered, delicious wine that is still fully and finely balanced – very yum!

2016 Meursault 1er Santenots
From Pitures. The vines were planted in 2000, 0.80 hectares – a lot of frost here too – 20 hl/ha was produced.
A deep, composed, faintly spiced nose. A little gas but it’s still fresher than the nose suggests – rather mineral in aspect, slow emerging complexity in the end of the mid-palate, into the finish. Nice slow waves of finishing flavour. A wine that is a little shy today but with plenty of balanced material though.

2016 Meursault 1er Perrières
A normal yield, zero frost here, 0.279 ha
A little extra oak, but yellow citrus as is the character this year – fresh and deep too. Fresh, this really fills the mouth – volume and slowly changing flavour, super, super clarity and mineral width. Mouth-watering, relatively modest intensity but not a modest length of finish. Simply excellent!

2016 Puligny-Montrachet 1er Les Combettes
1.497 hectares. A very sunny a vineyard that is one of the first to be harvested – ‘The maturity comes quickly and then its time of go…’ Also no frost here.
Very attractive aromas – neither massive nor super energetic but really a beautiful invitation to drink – smooth, silky yellow citrus. Much more energy on the palate though – volume without overt weight but very fine hints of complexity, indeed flashes of complexity. Truly super wine, the finish just melts slowly over the tongue.

2016 Chevailier-Montrachet
This parcel is almost in the highest part of the vines, the most south-east facing too. Here 0.1365 hectares.
A hint of oak relaxes the aromas, mineral and a little yellow-fruit inflected down below, but it’s not an overt nose. Really this is a wine of mineral width and fine texture – holding steady, then layers of fine finishing flavour. It’s a reticent wine today, but lacking not one inch of concentration or length.

2016 Montrachet
From 2 parcels, one classic hillside and the other by Dents du Chien. 50% lost in 2016. But still nearly 4 barrels were harvested so they didn’t join the 2016 Montrachet-Coop – but from 0.586 – a little over 10 hl/ha
Again, far from the most overt nose – subtle, wide, really like a subtle perfume. A hint of gas. Really a wine of intensity and line but lacking at the same time no width. Really mineral, mouth-watering, even a hint of finishing tannin. Modest today in some aspects, but all the same great wine!
2016 Corton-Charlemagne
0.22 hectares near Ladoix, next to the vines of Lalou. Plain east facing with a very white soil, high on the hill under the trees. Also no frost here.
A more overt aromatic. Freshness and here a faintly spiced addition to the lemon notes, eventually an accent of oak too. Ooh – such overt mineral freshness – long, long, long – almost a granular finishing tannin like the Montrachet – bravo!

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