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DSC08225Tasted in Meursault with Marion Javillier, the 13th October, 2015.

Domaine Javillier
9 Rue des Forges
21190 Meursault
Tel: +33 3 80 21 27 87

This domaine has 10 hectares of vines, covering 14 different appellations, of which 80% is white wine.

Marion on 2015:
“We’re very happy to finally have good quantities, the first time for years, and there’s quality too! We started our harvest on the 29th August, and for only the second time ever in August. The wine is now already in barrels.”

Marion on 2014:
Last year Marion said “A good reds harvest but on the Volnay side of Meursault, such as our Clos du Cromin, we lost as much as 70%. The southern side of the village had much less severe losses.”
And this year: “So, much lower quantity due to the hail but still more volume than in 2013. I think we have a good purity and a nice balance and each wine has its own character.”

And Pricing?
No idea on pricing yet as the price-list is not yet made, but probably a small augmentation…

The wines…

One wine bottled, a couple are ready to be bottled. Javillier have managed to capture the weight and overt fruit of the 2014 vintage but without losing any drive or energy. I have to say that this is a first class group of mainly fleshy, yet taut and interesting wines.

There are no reds for tasting today, as they are being bottled as we spoke and tasted.

So, to the whites:

2014 Bourgogne Cuvée des Forgets
Fresh, wide, with a good ripe weight of aroma. Very fruity, round, reasonably rich but balanced. Lingering zesty flavour. I prefer a more direct wine but I could drink this all day.

2014 Bourgogne Cuvée Oligocène
Now fining, and ready for bottling next week.
Wide lush, bouncing with flavour. There is a harder, I suppose more mineral character here. Much more intense and longer finishing – lovely…

2014 Savigny-Lès-Beaune Les Montchenevoy
Bottled just before harvest.
Fresh, airy nose. Bright, fresh and very wide on the palate. Ingraining cushioned acidity. Mouth-watering flavour that perhaps fades a hint faster than the Oligocence but here is a more austere, slightly angular fruit character – and I like it very much.

2014 Meursault Clos du Cromin
On fining, to be bottled in one month.
A fresh slightly phenolic bite to the nose, with a weight of riper lemon below. Round but full of freshness, and a fine mouth-watering acidity . The finish is like a waterfall in the mouth. Very tasty wine that only slowly brings a Meursault aromatic to the fore. Nice texture here too.

2014 Meursault Tillets
On fining for bottling next week.
Here is a fine fresh Meursault nose. A super combination of sucrosity and acidity – just a little extra flavour complexity towards the finish too. Also a super peak of flavour in the mid-palate and into the finish. I want!
2014 Meursault Clousots
A deeper aromatic with a little more ripeness of fruit. Super on the palate – classy Meursault in the fresh, direct vernacular rather than the rich. Excellent mid-palate intensity, really good! Just a wine to contemplate a little more than the Tillets, but there is indeed more here. Super.

2014 Meursault Tête de Murger
A blend of two vineyards.
Ripe fruit but with a nice, more floral dimension above. Wide, good attack and with a faintly saline lead-in – then its gone. Wide, modestly mineral but not modestly intense. I like the texture and the finishing intensity here. Lovely

2014 Corton-Charlemagne
From Pougets. To be bottled in January or-so. ‘Lucky to have 3 barrels as there was no hail here in 2014.’
Wide, textured, with more barrel aromatic here and an implied depth of fruit. Very silky, yet muscular, with ingraining flavour, still there’s a peak of flavour intensity to come – in this case with a long line of finishing flavour – still accented by the barrel. Should be fine.

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