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DSC05232Tasted in Meursault with Eric Pignal, the 22nd October, 2014.

Domaine Roulot
1 Rue Charles Giraud
21190 Meursault
Tel: +33 3 80 21 21 65+33 3 80 21 21 65

Jean-Marc Roulot was flitting about with private clients and said ‘Hi’ before putting us in the hands of Eric. Before heading to the cellar I asked Jean-Marc to explain a map of the domaine’s appellations, covered in percentages. Apparently, this was how much they had lost to the June 28th 2014 hail – you can enlarge the image to the right to see what they had to contend with. Jean-Marc noted that they were similarly hit to the north of the village of Meursault in 2013 too, but despite there being less hail to the south, the overall yields for 2013 also remained meagre, this he attributed to the small, millerande grapes from the poor flowering season.

The wines…

I’ve not visited Roulot terribly often, realising that they get hundreds of requests to taste and often have to ‘double and triple-up’ appointments for those that get accepted. Now this is my ‘metier’ I will try more often for you – these wines certainly showed that they are worth it! Also, this visit has provided me with the material to gently chide other producers to ‘up their game’ when tasting – Jean-Marc now uses Zalto Universals (glassware!) for barrel tastings 😉

Wines mainly to be bottled from March 2015…

2013 Bourgogne Blanc
This wine is still in tank.
A little reductive agrume aroma. This seems slightly soft but with fine delicacy of flavour and freshness. Very tasty. Super mid-palate intensity for the label.

2013 Meursault Vireuls
A brighter nose with faint green herbs. Lovely in the mouth, though with a hint of reduction again. Gorgeous acidity; long and perfectly formed. Super!

2013 Meursault Meix Chavaux
Fainter, if more obviously Meursault aromatics. Lithe and clearly more mineral – really lovely energy here. Wide on the palate – super mid-palate, super wine!

2013 Meursault Luchets
Another nose with an agrume/reduction. Mineral and harder textured after the Chavaux. This is a little phenolic but with really super mid-palate flavour and accompanying intensity. Just a little contemplative in the finish.

2013 Meursault Tillets
A much tighter aromatic – faintly reduced and also with a little barrel to augment the core of agrumes. Seemingly more width and concentration – just a some faint gas on the tip of the tongue. Palate-staining finish. Yum!

2013 Meursault Tessons, Clos de Mon Plaisir
Once more a little tight, this time with the faint ring of SO2 – or maybe because of that! Fine over the tongue, fresh and mineral, indeed,, like stream of clear water over the tongue – some salinity too – it must be sea-water! More modest and narrowing in the finish, but beautiful flavour all the same.

2013 Meursault 1er Clos de Bouchères
This 1.3 hectare clos is now monopole of the domaine – 2011 was the first vintage.
Wide on the nose with a fine Meursault aromatic – Ouf! – delicious! Fine flavour, fine texture and an acidity that is both mouth-watering and sweet. Simply gorgeous wine.
2013 Meursault 1er Les Charmes
A tighter aromatic – just a faint glimpse of fruit. Super mouth-watering flavour – more classically Meursault flavoured than the aroma, but beautiful and lingering flavour it is. Simply beautiful wine!
2013 Meursault 1er Les Perrières
The nose has width and a core of sweetness too – but it’s tighter and sweeter than I expect. Wide and round – yet without real weight or richness – just flavour, and rather glorious flavour at that. The flavour reboots after the mid-palate bringing another level of intensity. It’s aromatically unformed today but remains quite some wine!

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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