Vignes du Maynes – 2018

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Julien Guillot 2020Tasted with Julien Guillot, 19 October 2020.

Domaine des Vignes du Maynes
Rue des Moines
71260 Cruzille
Tel : +33 3 85 33 20 15
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Julien was very happy – he’d just managed to find himself an original cassette tape of a Beachboy album – but where to find a cassette player? The solution? The first wine was tasted in a 2005 Subaru with all the required equipment 😉

Julien on 2018:
I was practically the only vigneron that had a little hail in 2018, and it cost me half the harvest… I work by instinct but, of course, there’s a lot of years that underpin that – like for the Manganite in this vintage – I usually give it 18 months of elevage, but this year I tasted it and simply thought ‘time to bottle.’

The wines…

Like their maker, wines of character from this domaine – I always love them!

2018 Domaine des Vignes du Maynes, Mâcon-Cruzille Au Quin Château (Blanc)
A new wine for the domaine. ‘Three old ladies wanted to ‘give’ me 40 ha – I took just half a hectare – I had planned to send the first vintage to the négoce but because of the balance of sugar and acidity…’
A very faint touch of oak on the nose a nicely golden fruit too. That has good shape and very fine clarity in the mouth. Long and tasty. That’s a great start…

2018 Domaine des Vignes du Maynes, Bourgogne Les Crays
Old limestone, friable due to its age which is quite rare in the region. One parcel called Les Cras (of the three) with the warmer climate ‘I think the pinot lovely here – it was only chardonnay for a long time.’
This has a beautiful wc nose – only 90% wc due to a little hail! This is direct and has a super freshness. Wide, a little mineral – completely vibrant. Long and mineral – that’s really super wine – bravo!
2018 Domaine des Vignes du Maynes, Mâcon-Cruzille Manganite
Bottled in August. Planted in the 1950s a type of gamay called petit grain.
A little more compact nose after the effusive pinot. That has a beautiful shape in the mouth – mouth-filling but not full, nicely textured and a modestly but insistently vibrant delivery of flavour. I love this wine.

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