Why Big Red Diary?

07-2014: EXTRA!

DSC04563The July issue of Burgundy-Report Extra!

July to September are quieter months for visiting producers:

  • July because the next vintage is usually not quite ready for note-taking, and because the most recent might not be offered to taste due to their recent bottling, or, as is now quite often the case, because it is already sold-out!
  • August because the producers are largely on holiday – so Burgundy-Report Extra! is also on holiday.
  • September because it’s Go-Go-Go! for harvesting – but here, you won’t miss a thing – lots of harvest analysis and commentary will be added to that you have already seen in the Big Red Diary. Maybe even a few real-world observations!
  • October to December will, of-course, be non-stop 2013s and vintage commentary…

Despite all the reasons above not to write something, please enjoy here a modest selection of new, and old-favourite, domaines and their latest wines…

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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