Catching up with some 1996 reds


It’s been too long since we have talked about this vintage but a friend came up with the idea of opening a few such bottles over dinner in Zürich – perfect! Except that I rolled over on my ankle while out jogging that day – which meant 7 weeks unable to run on the trails…

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There is one response to “Catching up with some 1996 reds”

  1. Marko de Morey de la Vosne29th October 2022 at 1:34 pmPermalink

    Very interesting, thanks Bill.

    Share your soft spot for this vintage; but in my case an even softer/greater spot for a vintage I also invested in heavily EP, never for a second regretted that, and have had some super wines from this year – with more to come. But, there again I lurve acidity more than many I guess.

    Coincidentally in York, U.K yesterday (you know the venue Bill) our usual ‘gang’ drank, amongst other super wines (including several F Raveneau & 2 Engel Vosne’s) a Dujac ’96 Gevrey 1er Aux Combottes. My wine, a single bottle only, owned for years, it was a lovely drink but if one aspect stood out remarkably it was how soft it was – not lacking acidity per se but not evidencing what I might have anticipated to be a common 1996 level of acidity. I’m glad we ‘caught’ it when we did.

    My other longstanding favourite from this vintage, superior imho to many a GC, has been Bruno Clavelier’s (mini Musigny ?) Chambolle 1er cru ‘La Combe D’Orveaux’ which have been uniformly superb – sadly 2 left from an EP case of 12 before I’ll move on to the 1999s.

    • billn1st November 2022 at 9:44 pmPermalink

      Life is good if you’ve had the 1996s to enjoy and still have the 1999s to continue with 🙂

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