des Croix – 2015 revisited


Tasted in Beaune with David Croix, 20 June, 2017.

Domaine des Croix
2 Rue Colbert
21200 Beaune
Tel: +33 3 80 22 41 81

Back for a nice tour through the barrels – and yes, barrels. A few cuvées have been bottled, but David is in no rush to bottle the rest of his 2015s…

The wines…

David’s 2015s will start to be commercialised in Autumn, despite some still being in barrel and tank.

The greatest domaine in Beaune…

2015 Beaune
This a blend of fruit from 4 vineyards.
A vibrant red fruit despite the bottle open a few days. A muscular wine, with good texture and lots of energy and complexity. Long, faintly herby flavour – but with energy too!

2015 Beaune 1er Cent Vignes
From 4 parcels, 2 at the bottom where there is more gravel, 2 at the top – the top which has more fragmented limestone was destemmed. This wine is 40% from the top. This also from bottle.
Higher toned, very floral nose. More supple, pliable wine, good texture but still with a little tannin. Super wine…

The following wines all from barrel – now 21 months on lees:

2015 Savigny-lès-Beaune 1er Les Peuillets
Ooh – vibrant open red fruit! Getting bigger and bigger. Hmm, this has muscle and structure, layers of slightly austere flavour. Oof – such a great wine, even greater for Savigny…
2015 Beaune 1er Bressandes
Super depth of beautiful fruit aroma. Again a certain vibrancy and elan. Also, like the Savigny, a structured wine but such beautiful structure – energy without ever becoming tiring. Mineral finishing too – great wine!
2015 Corton La Vigne au Saint
Ooh – a very perfumed nose. More acidity, more brightness, more volume of flavour. A base of tannin but a subtle one. Superb…
2015 Corton Grèves
A vibrant nose, less overt than the Vigne aux Saint – more weight and power, layered with tiny waves of flavour. Faint salinity too. Today less instantly ‘yes’ than the Vigne au Saint but probably every bit as good!

2015 Corton-Charlemagne
Toasty reduction. No new oak, but recent oak. Really good volume without overt intensity. This is a wine of mineral tension, it has nothing obvious to say about 2015, but it speaks eloquently if the place…

And for the road:

2012 Beaune 1er Cent Vignes
Still that floral halo to a good if not quite so generous fruit aroma as the 2015s. A fine mineral impression in the mouth, layered, with impressive tension, balanced by the usual sweetness of Cent Vignes fruit. A fine finish to any tasting…

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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