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DSC00307Tasted in Lantignié with Evelyne and Jacky Gauthier plus their son Pierre-Alexandre, 19 May 2016.

Domaine de Colette
4245 Route St Joseph
69430 Lantignié
Tel: +33 4 74 69 25 73

The family here follow in the footsteps of generations of vigneron’s, but it was Jacky’s father, René, who established a domaine in 1953. René began with metayage parcels and also buying some plots – he chose to replant everything – by 1972 they had 8 hectares a house and a cuverie. Jacky Gauthier joined his 1978 after deciding to become a winemaker, adding vines under metayage from a retiring uncle. Today the domaine extends to 15 hectares.

There has been much work here recently and the grape-reception, cuverie, tasting room and stock area are all completely new. The grapes are now delivered above their cement tanks, they are first triaged in the vines – literally they take their triage table into the vineyards to do this. Their range now includes , Beaujolais Villages, Fleurie, Morgon, Moulin à Vent and Régnie.

Much of their production is exported – USA for example – but they retain ‘significant’ sales also in France.

The wines…

A super and comprehensive tasting here. Some of the 2013s tended to give a stewed impression to the fruit, but largely this is a very tasty range.

2015 Régnie Coteaux Vallière
This stays in cement with its fine lees until it’s time for bottling, a little longer elevage for this 2015.
Deep colour and a nose to match. Almost a faint graphite. Massive in the mouth, faint CO2, big in the mid-palate, nicely lingering dark fruit – tasty and with lots of potential….

2014 Régnie Coteaux Vallière
Medium, medium-plus colour. A deep note with plenty of pyrazine. Nice in the mouth, some roundness, lots of pyrazine again but with a very nice wide floral aspect in the finish…

2013 Régnie Coteaux Vallière
Here is really a deep nose, red fruit – a little roast – slowly offering some very floral notes, it keeps getting better in the glass. Wide, fresh, fine intensity with a sweet leading edge to the fruit. Plenty of mid-palate concentration and super length..

2010 Régnie Coteaux Vallière
Wonderful nose, with violets and pretty red fruit. Vibrant, fresh, lots of pretty and quite fresh points of complexity – the flavours are floral inflected and very tasty.

2015 Fleurie
Vines at the bottom of the village, on granite, 3 parcels close together giving 1 ha, ‘we did quite a bit of pigeage in 2015.’
Close to black wine. Really bright, fruity, a deep but fresh and clean impression. Again a little gas, layers of flavour with the gas accentuating the tannin a little. A beautiful line of fruit – this could be something really super…

2014 Fleurie
Also some pyrazine here, but much less than the Régnie – a more obvious depth to the fruit aromas. Lots of flavour dimension and good energy here – nice layers of flavour in the mid-palate towards the finish. Subtly long. Quite tasty wine…

2013 Fleurie
Medium, medium-plus colour. Like the Regnie a hint more macerated, stewing fruit, red, complex and interesting with a growing floral aspect. Lovely in the mouth – fresh energy, lots of flavour aspects, again a hint of roast to the fruit but finishes with a lovely fruit – great finish. Super….

2015 Morgon
A single parcel of about 1 ha with vines of 80-100 years, mainly in Les Charmes, facing south. Destemmed 50-70% depending on the vintage. Here with a longer cuvaison of 17-20 days. The 15 approached 15%…
Fresh, faintly herbed – here is a wine with presence! More CO2, fresh but profound, never heavy, a growing but not painful intensity – here is a beautiful wine without excess. Beautiful 2015 with finesse! I expect that this will keep much longer than me…
2014 Morgon
After the 15 this is a little tighter, more of a suggested depth of darker red fruit. Beautiful texture, wide and silky palate, fresh flavoured but with plenty of concentration – virtually no pyrazine here and easily the best 2014 for my palate – lovely wine!

2013 Morgon
Tighter, but with slowly growing floral aspect – always modest but actually very lovely. Fresh, wide, complex and energetic – lovely flavours of clarity, only in the mid-palate is there a suggestion of the slightly roast aspect of the other cuvées – this, however, is very fine!

2010 Morgon
Nice, spicy, more complexity of age, very inviting. Fresh, lots of interest, complex fruit with some maturity – still some tannin with a little dryness but on a low-level. Lots of vivacity here. Dryness in the finish too but matched with lovely flavours – really lovely wine.

2009 Morgon
A deep nose with some ripeness, suggestions of sur-maturity but only suggestions, and indeed those suggestions are slowly swallowed by a growing and attractive dimension of floral notes. Supple but still fresh, a slightly roast quality to the fruit (again) yet it remains very attractive. Lovely finishing line of flavour. Big almost exciting, and importantly super-tasty wine. Yum!

2015 Moulin à Vent
Got these vines in 2008; 2.20 hectares in Rochgrès near Jadot. Here is clay below 30 centimetres of granite. Destemmed 90%.
Wide, inviting, very faintly spiced dark fruit. Rather too gassy but with a bright personality and really impressive weight of finishing flavour – to revisit!

2014 Moulin à Vent
Here a direct and obvious fruit – slowly adding a little flowers. Faint reduction in the mouth but fine then a fabulous wave of beautiful flavour – this is excellent! Bravo! Carafe and wait an hour because of the faint reduction – but yum!

2013 Moulin à Vent
A faint herb and a sweet fruit too. Round, supple, some tannin, lots of complexity, a wide panorama of fresh flavour. Really a good wine, finishing with a hint of dryness to the tannin, but really Yum!

2012 Moulin à Vent
Relatively modest colour. Pretty and quite delicate red fruit of fine and attractive clarity – soon augmented by a heavier but pretty floral top-line. Round, a hint of padding but fresh and tasty – nicely growing intensity. Lovely wine…

2011 Moulin à Vent
Deep colour. Deep nose – a little macerated fruit. In the mouth this is quite silky to start though there’s a growing base of tannin. The fruit in the mouth is also just a hint stewed, but I like the mouth-watering black fruit that extends in the finish. Still a baby a wait for it!

2009 Moulin à Vent
A nice maturing suggestion of spice, good fresh depth too. Here is a wine of width and lots of complexity – almost raucous complexity, a burst of finishing flavour extends this further. Some maturity, lots and lots of fun! Super!

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