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A list of Givry 2012 tasted in the town of Givry during their April ‘fest’.

Given the massively high quality of 2012 Bourgogne Rouge, I was interested whether something, of-forgotten, could compare. The average price of a Givry 1er Cru is about or lower than that of Bourgogne Pinot Noir from a well-known domaine. I still don’t think that you buy blindly, but there are some very good wines to find.

I made notes on 29 wines and then we took 3 to lunch with us!

All wines tasted in the order below:

2012 Domaine des Clos Salomon, Givry 1er Clos Salomon
A fine medium-plus colour. Fresh cherry on the clean and pretty nose. Silky, with a lovely acidity – rather moreish and mouth-watering. Super!

2012 Vincent Lumpp, Givry 1er Clos du Crais Long
A thump of lovely deep red fruit then it becomes more diffuse. Fresh and intense with a very good mid-palate flavour that offers more herbs and muscle.

2012 Vincent Lumpp, Givry 1er Petite Berge
The nose is narrow, but offers height and depth – there’s lovely fruit here with a floral dimension too. Fresh and shows beautiful definition. Overall, the palate is narrow but fine and long. A super, stony finish. Gorgeous wine.
2012 Vincent Lumpp, Givry 1er Clos St.Paul (Monopole)
Darker colour, darker fruit on the nose too with a little oak, graphite and spice. Rounder and fuller, more concentrated too. There’s a little oak-tannin texture as you head into the finish. Another super wine.

2012 Daniel Davanture, Givry
Pretty nose, with some oak. Good freshness and plenty of flavour interest in the finish. Quite nice but a little reductive today.

2012 Gérard Mouton, Givry 1er Clos Charlé
A round, charming, indeed refreshing nose. Lovely transparency, lightness and freshness – oh, and deliciousness!
2012 Gérard Mouton, Givry 1er La Grand Berge
A more intense nose with a hint more ripeness to the fruit. Fuller, rounder and more tannic. The fruit is super-tasty, almost hinting at volatile – yet, is simply gorgeous.

2012 Gérard Mouton, Givry 1er Clos Jus
A little more oaky spice on the nose – a little reduction too. More mineral, lithe and direct. Very good, darker fruit with a fine finishing flavour. Very good.

2012 Gérard Mouton, Givry 1er Les Grands Prétans
The nose is more airy and fresher – perhaps more mineral too. More structured, certainly but it’s lithe and ripe with a fresh, growing width. An extra dimension of flavour and a slow diminuendo. Lovely!

2012 Domaine Drain, Givry Champ Pourot
Charming, faintly floral nose. Plenty of ripe tannin though the fruit has a more cooked dimension.

2012 René Bourgeon, Bourgogne Le Pourrière
A depth of warmer fruit. Good freshness and a faint astringency, yet with lovely fruit in the finish. Factoring-in the price of €6.30, brilliant!

2012 René Bourgeon, Givry
A very shy nose. In the mouth this is a little fuller but also more mouth-watering. Yum!

2012 René Bourgeon, Givry 1er Clos de la Baraude
Made with 100% new oak.
The nose is wide, a little padded and shows a faint spice. Silky with a hint of tannic drag on the palate. Fine, insinuating fruit with a small finishing bitterness – probably from the oak. Very good.

2012 Pierre Ducret, Givry
Darker fruit with a carbonic-maceration aromatic. Round fruit, sweetly-commercial, not my style…

2012 Pierre Ducret, Givry 1er Les Grands Prétans
The nose here is also round and similarly sweet – the fruit expression is nicer though. Pretty, yet simple…

2012 Pierre Ducret, Givry 1er Clos Marolle
This smells a little fresher and certainly more interesting. Full, round, open and sweet-tasting. There’s a hint of something volatile in the mid-palate, yet, this is rather tasty!

2012 Davijean-Butheaux, Givry Miex au Roi
Round, dark-fruit aromatic. Quite tannic but with a lovely youthful complexion – this is quite tasty.

2012 Davijean-Berthaux, Givry 1er Clos du Cras Long
There’s a hint of reduction and quite some oak impression too – but that could be reduction! Full, with good concentration and a growing intensity. Despite the overt notes of reduction, I quite like this.

2012 Davijean-Berthaux, Givry 1er La Plante
Richer and fuller, also with a little reduction. More lithe and linear with a growing fresh intensity. Mouth-watering – and that’s through plenty of tannin. Yum!

2012 Nicolas Ragot, Givry Vieilles-Vignes
Round, pretty, generous and quite charming nose. In the mouth there’s a nice round texture to match. Pretty wine.

2012 Nicolas Ragot, Givry Teppe de Cheneves
The nose has faint reduction but there’s good width. Wide and fresh in the mouth – delicious sweet fruit too. Much more direct in the finish, where there’s a little reprise of flavour too. Super Villages.

2012 Nicolas Ragot, Givry 1er La Grande Berge
The nose is wide and has a more obvious collection of herbs attached. Full and round with modest tannin. A good wine that’s obviously more complex than the last one, but less delicious and less ‘giving’.

2012 Nicolas Ragot, Givry 1er Clos Jus
The nose proffers high tones and herbs. Full, round, and then there’s a sudden burst of flavour in the mid-palate. More freshness and ultimate enjoyment. Super.

2012 Deliance Frères, Givry
The nose is high-toned and herbal. Round, sweet and tasty. Probably rather a commercial profile but decent enough.

2012 Deliance Frères, Givry 1er Les Combes
A nose of strawberries and mint? Fresher and more interesting in the mouth. Good flavour here – nice wine.

2012 Deliance Frères, Givry 1er Clos de la Servoisine
The nose seems a little volatile. In the mouth it’s full and round with a decent concentration. I sense something a little volatile here too.

2012 Xavier Besson, Givry 1er Le Bois Gantières
The nose is ripe, also tending towards the volatile – it’s just about okay. Full and round with good sweetness. This tastes pretty good!

2012 Xavier Besson, Givry 1er Les Grands Prètons
A modest nose, but there’s some complexity and focus – fine! A big palate of round sweetness, packaged with ripe tannin. There’s a slowly lingering note following a nicely fresh mid-palate. Nice wine.

2012 Michel Sarrazin et Fils, Givry 1er Les Grands Prètons
The nose is modestly fresh, red-fruit and accented with a few herbs. In the mouth the fruit also holds good freshness, decent intensity of flavour with modest tannin. Nothing to dislike.

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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