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Coccinelle taint in Burgundy – a presentation

bugA presentation given in May 2014, for the Circle of Wine writers in London.

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A certain group of wine communicators were keen for me to make such a presentation and initially it was thought that the Institute of Masters of Wine would be an ideal venue: Either we had misguided perceptions of what a timetable could look like, or they simply weren’t interested. The baton was eagerly taken-up by the Circle of Wine Writes at their offices in London.

A number of brave souls – 26 in total – put themselves to the test with a number of 2004 and 2011s – tasted blind. I also tried to iron out a couple of ‘false positives’ as well as providing examples of what I consider to be the taint from both 2011 and 2004. Interestingly, despite this being a bunch of wine ‘communicators and educators’ almost 20% thought the smell of stems to be taint – certainly an opportunity here for more education 😉

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