2015 Irancy


Time to take a look at a range of Irancy wines from the 2015 vintage – all were tasted blind in Chablis on the 23rd April 2017.

The wines…

Of-course it was the usual process – wines tasted blind, leaving with a sheaf of data-sheets to be consulted when spell-checking and publishing. Only at this time did I note the almost clean sweep for Christophe Ferrari – the Simmonet-Febvre just sneaking in too, I usually like this wine, but it’s one of the few from this producer, unfortunately…

Well-done Christophe!

2015 Heimbourger Père et Fils, Irancy Cuvée Pierre
A deep and ripe cassis nose – more floral notes evolving above – very attractive. Direct, fresh, modest weight, a faintly growing fine tannin, fresh and with a good line of flavour. Some bitter herb in the finish. A very attractive wine.

2015 Heimbourger Père et Fils, Irancy
A little more depth and ripeness of red cherry fruit. Another fresh wine, modest of weight but not of intensity – layers of flavour here – and accented with violets. Hmm delicious finishing. Very yum!

2015 Domaine Mauperetuis, Irancy
A little deeper colour. A deep well of aroma, very dark fruited. Here is more weight but certainly a more extracted impression too. The tannin is ripe and present, plenty of width and a little dryness from the structure in the finish. A wine to wait for…

2015 Domaine Mauperetuis, Irancy Les Mazelots
Also quite a deep colour. Deep, a little cola-style aroma. In the mouth this is super, with weight, freshness, dimensions of flavour and energy. There is some oak here but it seems to be fading. Tons of potential here – and very yum!

2015 Domaine Mauperetuis, Irancy Palotte
Deep colour again. Aromatic volume but initially a little bland. In the mouth there is good volume and a growing intensity – the flavour gets better and better. I’m clearly drinking this far too young but I see lots of potential. It finishes really well!

2015 Céline & Frederic Gueguen, Irancy Mazelots
A little more modest colour. Bright and fresh fruit with flowers – very open. Pretty flavours and with a nice intensity just a little tannin and good length – whilst delicious it’s almost more of a rosé style wine!

2015 Ferrari, Irancy
More colour here. This nose is a little tighter, a slight vibration of darker fruit – only. Lithe, silky, a growing intensity of. Very fine fruit – more than a little accented with flowers. This is very young and I’d like just a hint more energy, but this is very delicious stuff. Finishing with a little dry tannin.
2015 Ferrari, Irancy La Bergère
Good depth of colour. Hmm, this is a little tight, but it has beautiful complex and clean notes of fruit accented with flowers – yes! Round, fresh, with weight and clarity of flavour, beautiful flavour. Easily the best yet – bravo!

2015 Ferrari, Irancy Les Mazelots
Medium-plus colour. A tighter nose – faint but pretty dark red berries. A nice volume in the mouth with classic pretty fruit flavours – here the wine is delicious. Very yum – it just needs a little time to come together…

2015 Ferrari, Irancy Paradis
Another rather guarded nose – slowly growing, very attractive notes of fruit couched in wood. Oof – fresh, direct, a wine of line and intensity, and beautiful flavour too! This is a young wine, and to wait, for but with super potential. Bravo!

2015 Pascal Bouchard, Irancy
Medium, medium-plus colour. A very different nose to what’s gone before – fresh red, very wide. A little gas, a rasp of tannin, then some delicious fruit flavour of good energy. This is very young stuff – wait 2-3 years before returning. Hopefully it will be worthwhile.

2015 La Croix Montjoie, Irancy
Medium, medium-plus colour. A little herb above, and much tight below. Fresh, a herby fruit on the palate, but interesting and slowly mouth-watering. Quite good…

2015 Domaine Felix, Irancy La Grand Côte Est
Medium-pale colour. Fresh and herby nose – faint redcurrant. A nice line of flavour here and an intensity that belies the colour. The fruit is quite good, inflected with a little herb. Okay…

2015 Simmonet-Febvre, Irancy
Medium, medium-plus colour. Quite a tight nose – an implied fresh redness of fruit but no more. Hmm, in the mouth this has both width and a fine long line of fresh flavour. Lots of flavour complexity and a nice silky texture. Not the ripest wine here, but really a super Irancy – yum.

2015 Jean-Francois et Pierre-Louis Bersa, Irancy Cuvée Marianne
Medium, medium-plus colour. Some aromatic width, but really rather tight. In the mouth there is both volume and fresh. A slowly growing tannin, and long finishing flavour – but what is this flavour? It’s ‘untypical’… though not bad wine…

2015 Dampt Frères, Irancy
Medium colour. Fresh, herbs, tighter in the depth. In the mouth lots of volume, growing intensity of flavour too – and its a good fruit flavour. This is very tasty wine. Yum! A nice intense redcurrant finish

2015 Domaine Bardet, Irancy
Medium, medium-plus colour. A depth of ruby-red fruit though tighter in the width. A fresh wine with a herby component to the fruit – a slowly growing tannic base too. Okay…

2015 Domaine Verret, Irancy Fût de Chêne
Medium colour. A relatively tight nose with a little freshness and a very faint coffee-inflected fruit. Good volume, sweetness and freshness of flavour. Plenty of energy here and quite a tasty finish too – yum!

2015 Domaine Verret, Irancy Palotte
Medium, medium-plus colour. A relatively tight nose, maybe a suggestion of vanilla. Some weight of flavour, and a growing baseline of modest tannin too – here also a hint of vanilla. Tasty wine but one that would benefit from a small lift of energy.

2015 Clotilde Davenne, Irancy
Medium-plus colour. A nose of depth – faintly reduced depth with a little vanilla. Lots of volume, lots of freshness. Plenty of tasty flavour here – the oak component is present but not dominant – there’s also just a little floral note too. Lots of potential here – a young wine, but one of fine potential.

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