2. Beaujolais – it’s not just one problem

Update 19.7.2016(18.7.2016)billn

The market for Beaujolais is moribund. The great regions are known by their great wines – unfortunately today it’s the reverse for Beaujolais – people think instinctively of Nouveau – and really that’s the crux of the problem. There is a grand culture of vines here in the Beaujolais but less-so of wines… That’s changing…

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There is one response to “2. Beaujolais – it’s not just one problem”

  1. tick4d13th August 2016 at 7:09 amPermalink

    The damage to the reputation of Beaujolais that the Nouveau has done is large, but generational I suspect. I recall races to get it to Sydney, Australia, and from there it would be spun out to French clubs and French speaking clubs. It’s usually fairly hot in Australia in many places in November, high 20c to high 30c, so gulping this stuff was not only silly, but turned many off for life.
    Properly promoted to a group of young consumers 2 generations on, who haven’t been damaged and are wildly curious as well as dollar conscious, and Beaugolais has a real future down under I suspect – good Beaujolais that is.

    • billn14th August 2016 at 11:52 pmPermalink

      I tend to agree that it is a generational issue, but one that seems to permeating a second generation – which is troubling. But it’s clear that the region’s wines are getting more ‘air-time’ today, and that’s a good start…

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