1. Beaujolais – why it’s important, & its market in context

Update 19.7.2016(18.7.2016)billn

Here are the three and a half reasons that I decided to tackle the Beaujolais region, here, in the Burgundy Report: I really find it hard to find new commentary, in English, on Beaujolais – I think Neal Martin has been doing some recent good work, but many ‘commercial’ critics seem to ignore the region…

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  1. tick4d13th August 2016 at 6:29 amPermalink

    I am glad to finally see the comment: “the vast majority of burgundy buyers are being priced out of their historic purchases…” somewhere from a writer on wine. A touch of reality is like a gentle breeze on a hot night – refreshing! It makes good sense to turn your face towards the Beaujolais for some relief. Will the Burgundian market suffer the same fate as that of Bordeaux when Chinese buyers discover the next bright, shiny thing, I wonder? Not to the same extent, given the vastly smaller Burgundian volumes, I suspect, but perhaps a little.

    Roll on next February I say!

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