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Domaine Christian Bellang & Fils
2 bis rue de Mazeray
21190 Meursault
Tel: +33 3 80 21 22 61

Christian responsible with his son Christophe (right) for this 9.5 hectare family domaine with exports to Germany, Australia and Japan.

2016 Bourgogne Chardonnay
This has a faint nose. The palate showing a hint of richness, but also with nicely sweet lemon flavours. It’s an attractive Bourgogne.

2016 Meursault
From Chaumes des Perrières and Pré de Manche
Aromatic freshness. Hmm, great in the mouth – this is delicious – it’s not just tasty, there’s energy and depth of flavour too. Fine.

2016 Meursault Les Tillets
More volume of aroma here. It’s very aromatic and in the mouth more structural too, but lots of fine complexity and sucrosity melt from that structure. This is lovely.

Domaine Brigitte Berthelemot
24 rue des Forges
21190 Meursault
Tel: +33 3 80 21 68 61

A relatively young (2006) 8 hectare domaine, with vines between Beaune and Santenay, that doubled in size to 17 hectares with the purchase of Domaine Patrice Allexant at the end of 2017 – 2018 will be the first vintage for those vines – including much in the Côte de Nuits. ‘All harvested a little earlier to retain the freshness‘ says Thomas Berthelemot.

2016 Meursault
From Vireuils and Narvaux
Fuller and richer wine than that from Bellang. A little structural with a nicely melting flavour profile. A tasty finish. Yum!

2015 Meursault
A fainter nose, and higher toned too. Sweeter, wider, easier structure, again some sweetness. Quite attractive and certainly an easy drink.

2015 Meursault Tillets
A more floral nose that’s both wide and inviting. Structure, width of melting flavour – this is very good – slightly soft at the edges but again, very tasty.

Earl Guy Bocard
4 rue de Mazeray
21190 Meursault
Tel: +33 3 80 21 26 06

A 9 hectare domaine, exporting to Hong-Kong, Portugal and Singapore – but I don’t know why – these wines stood our as the worst from more than 5 days of non-stop tasting!

2015 Meursault Vieilles-Vignes
A rather floral nose with some herb too. Much more herby in the mouth, good texture but that’s the only positive I can find – not a wonderful flavour with too much emphasis on the herb.

2015 Meursault Limozin
High toned, volatile. Volume in the mouth, nice texture, not the greatest flavour again – it seems volatile to me on the palate too. A shame…

2015 Meursault 1er Charmes
Less volatile than the last but not perfect. Wide and mouth-filling with some richness and faint salinity. Easily the best of these wines but still a very modest Charmes. The finish is quite good but the wine is not worth the price of entry.

Domaine Jean-Marie Bouzereau
5 rue de la Planche Meunière
21190 Meursault
Tel: +33 3 80 21 62 41

Jean-Marie began in Meursault, following his father, Pierre Bouzereau-Emonin. The domaine covers 9 hectares in the Côte de Beaune, also including reds from Volnay, Pommard and Beaune.

2016 Meursault
A blend of parcels
A sweet width of inviting aroma. A little richness of fine Meursault flavour coupled with good energy. Excellent wine!

2016 Meursault Narvaux
A big nose that has a little ginger spice. Fresher and more open than the first villages. A little more structure is showing but this remains a very tasty wine.

2016 Meursault 1er Gouttes d’Or
A pretty and engaging aromatic freshness. Wide and complex wine. A burst of finishing complexity – it’s super here. A little rigor to start and then a lot of love to finish – lovely wine.

2016 Meursault 1er Charmes
Du bas
A little floral note on the nose. Open and fresh, with really a good energy for the location. Tasty, complex wine – yes!

2016 Meursault 1er Poruzots
A little extra fresh fruit here but this nose isn’t the most open of these. Mineral, complex, a slight richness to the texture. Floral too in the finish – super.

Domaine Vincent Bouzereau
25 rue de Mazeray
21190 Meursault
Tel: +33 3 80 21 61 08

Vincent is responsible for this 10 hectare domaine, mainly exporting to Germany the UK and Russia.

2016 Meursault
A very pretty nose – also very Meursault. Concentrated with some richness. Long in the finish. Very tasty

2016 Meursault Narvaux
Just a little floral accent to this tight nose. Quite mineral and open over the palate – pretty complexity – really delicious!

2016 Meursault 1er Gouttes d’Or
A concentrated nose. Hmm, melting rocks over the palate, layers of textured, melting flavour. Excellent wine!

2016 Meursault 1er Poruzots
A bright citrus nose, more in the direction of lime than lemon. Wide, some herb, some citrus, lots of complexity, really super again!

2016 Meursault 1er Charmes
Du Bas
A more herbed nose here. Direct, mineral and fresh. Ingraining flavour. Very good…

Domaine Michel Bouzereau
5 rue Robert Thénard
21190 Meursault
Tel: +33 3 80 21 20 74

Jean-Baptiste Bouzereau, responsible for the family property of 10.5 hectares.

2016 Bourgogne Chardonnay
From vines in the communes of Meursault and Puligny
Fresh, citrus and aromatic. Rich, full-flavoured, very good flavour with a great finish.

2016 Meursault Les Grands Charrons
A more width of sweetness from this nose. Plenty of minerality and bright complexity. Deep finishing – it’s really super here – the best facet of this wine.

2016 Meursault Les Tessons
A very pretty, fine citrus nose – lovely. Sweetness but with an airy character and there’s width here too – gorgeous wine!

2016 Meursault 1er Charmes
A lovely open freshness of aroma again – a beauty. Extra richness, layers of really engaging Meursault flavour. Beautiful and classic – Yum!

2016 Meursault 1er Genevrières
Open and airy nose – a beauty. Narrower over the palate, more direction, more complexity. yet I’m surprised that I like the last wine even more. Super wine, still…

2016 Meursault 1er Perrières
A bright and pretty nose – lovely. Wide with a nice volume and architecture. A lovely finish too.

Domaine Hubert Bouzereau-Gruere et Filles
22A rue de la Velle
21190 Meursault
Tel: +33 3 80 21 20 05

Marie-Anne Bouzereau showing the wines of this 10 hectare domaine.

2016 Meursault
Three parcels included in this blend, but only in 2016 and that was because of the frost.
Bright and fresh. Concentrated depth of flavour with a good energy. This is tasty wine. With a lovely finish

2016 Meursault Limozin
A nose with a lovely green citrus freshness. Concentrated and slightly mineral – this is delicious

2016 Meursault Les Tillets
A fine and open freshness with citrus notes again. More concentration, fresh and layered, but it’s a weighty, mineral wine, that whilst delicious in the finish, you should wait for the rest to catch up.

2016 Meursault 1er Les Charmes
A one to one mix of high and low positioned vines.
Weighty but with freshness too – a forward nose. Depth of flavor, a little richness too. Long. Very good.

2016 Meursault 1er Genevrières
A big nose of freshness that’s attractive and almost perfumed. Open, melting, this is a lovely wine with layers of finishing flavour. Really super!

Philippe Bouzereau – Château de Citeaux
7 place de la Republique
21190 Meursault¨
Tel: +33 3 80 21 20 32

18 hectares of vines from Aloxe-Corton all the way to Santenay.

2016 Bourgogne
An assembly of 3 vines in the commune of Meursault
A pretty freshness accented with a little herb. Round. A little richness in the mouth too. Layers of flavour but very tasty flavour. Super Bourgogne with a little caramel barrel in the middle.

2016 Meursault Clos du Châteaux de Citeaux
The official lieu-dit is Au Village – but there is more than one parcels with that name dotted around Meursault.
Here a nice freshness. A little grain of texture but also a nice width of flavour

2016 Meursault Les Narvaux
Fresh again, this nose a lovely invitation to try. Mouth-filling volume here – open and with a melting flavour. Good stuff.

2016 Meursault 1er Charmes de Dessous
Fresh, complex – this is a very inviting nose. Layered and complex, this is excellent wine. Bravo.

2016 Meursault 1er Genevrières
The best nose of all these wines – with more complexity – really super. Volume and slowly melting flavour of complexity and attractiveness. Excellent wine.

Domaine Fabien Coche
5 rue de Mazeray
21190 Meursault
Tel: +33 3 80 21 28 41

A 12 hectare domaine with vines in Meursault, Pommard, Auxey-Duresses, Monthélie, Saint-Romain, Saint-Aubin and Puligny-Montrachet – but there’s only the Charmes left to taste! So why not:

2016 Meursault 1er Les Charmes
Open and fresh some green herb. Open and mouth-filling. Wide and deliciously flavoured. Super!

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