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There are some very tasty wines here, and some that need more patience – I would have hoped for a slightly better result given the vintage, but, still, some very good wines here. First the villages, and generally they are certainly more attractive today than the 1er cru counterparts:

2015 Louis Jadot, Givry
Medium colour. It’s a modest nose, but one with a subtle sweetness backed with nice red fruit. Fresh and with plenty of volume. There’s a certain jammy style of red fruit here, but the overall wine is fresh and very tasty with sweet red fruit – perhaps more apero-style, but very tasty anyway. In the finish a suggestion of cherry stone – and the tenacious length of the vintage.

2015 Chanson Père et Fils, Givry
Medium, medium-plus colour. More depth of aroma, indeed more weight of aroma – quite a vibrant depth of faintly spiced red fruit. Equally fresh, more intense – much more concentration – this tastes easily of 1er cru level – a little oak in the background flavours but it’s sympathetically done. Super wine for the modest label.
2015 Cave des Vignerons de Buxy, Givry
The colour is a little less young/vibrant – foudres? A relatively modest nose, perhaps with a faint floral suggestion. As intense as the previous wine but more direct, a little more astringence of tannin too. But it’s a nicely ingraining red-fruited flavour. This could be drunk sooner than the previous wine as there’s no obvious oak to integrate. Tasty.
2015 Domaine des Vignes Rondes (Cave des Vignerons de Buxy), Givry
Medium. Medium-plus colour. A little extracted fruit with floral top notes – but it gets better and better in the glass. Fuller in the mouth, still a fresh wine but of width and intensity too – classic redcurrant Givry fruit – delicious lip-smacking, finishing flavour. Yum!

2015 Cave des Vignerons de Buxy, Givry Clos des Chevris
Medium, medium-plus colour. A deep, simmering, nose that’s a little tight. Acidity that’s almost a little tart, but behind is a nice width of tasty fruit – the combination suggesting rhubarb. Almost an impression of layers of flavour – here in the finish perhaps a little more overt oak.

2015 Louis Jadot, Givry Blanc
A deep nose, attractive despite its oakiness! Good in the mouth, fresh, plenty of weight and with attractive flavour with the same caveat as the nose. Certainly more attractive than 99% of Beaujolais blanc as an example…

Premiers Crus

2015 Vincent Lumpp, Givry 1er Le Vigron
Deep colour. A deep nose of dark fruit and freshness above, slowly, slowly filling the glass with aroma. Another wine that’s borderline tart but with a fine line of flavour and very good texture. The wine slowly melting over the palate becoming ever-more agreeable. In the end I think it excellent, but beware that first wave of acidity.

2015 Vincent Lumpp, Givry 1er Clos Jus
Medium-plus colour. A tight nose – really lots of depth and some freshness too – but it’s reticent at expressing itself. A certain extraction here, plenty of tannin but very, very fine-grained. Layers of finishing flavour. A wine that impresses today but without necessarily endearing – the last flavours are nice as they fade though. Good stuff, but have a little patience.

2015 Maison Jaffelin, Givry 1er Cru
Medium, medium-plus colour. A round and complex nose with fruit and barrel references. Round, fresh but with a little softness. Layers of mouth-watering flavour. This is very attractive despite the oak dulling the overall flavours. But there’s really lots to like here. Tasty wine though with plenty of oak to lose…

2015 Domaine Laborbe Juillot (Cave des Vignerons de Buxy), Givry 1er Clos Marceaux
Medium, medium-plus colour. A little stemmy, and herby over more reticent red fruit. I like the texture in the mouth very much – a touch of tannin and a style that melts over the palate – yet the flavour is not particularly special and there seems a little oak to fade too. A wine which I’m sure will get better and better, but it’s one to wait for.

2015 Domaine Steinmaiër (Cave des Vignerons de Buxy), Givry 1er Clos de la Baroude
Medium, medium-plus colour. Ooh – a rather singular nose with plenty of oak and a more volatile fruit/vanilla note. It sits beautifully on the palate though – fine texture and melting shape – yet the oak is about 300% more than I can bear – today this wine could be from anywhere. Wait several years before returning because today there’s nothing here about Givry and practically very little about pinot…

2015 Cave des Vignerons de Buxy, Givry 1er Clos Jus
A little more than medium colour. Bright pretty red fruit with a faint accent of caramel. Bright in the mouth too – plenty of volume and lots of fresh red fruit. Really mouth-watering finishing flavour. A great antidote to the last wine. Tasty, lip-smacking flavour with a modest astringence in the finish. Yum!

2015 Domaine Steinmaiër (Cave des Vignerons de Buxy), Givry 1er Cru
Medium, medium-plus colour. A transparent red-fruited nose – slowly adding a little depth and more interest. Lots of volume in the mouth. Lots of tannin too but the astringence is on a low-level, similarly the grain. There’s good energy here and a fine, mouth-watering finishing flavour that holds tenaciously. Young but very tasty wine.

2015 Vincent Lumpp, Givry 1er Blanc
Attractive, very faintly reduced nose. Muscular but also nice flavour, indeed layers of flavour and simply a delicious wine. Very tasty !

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