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Karine Saint-Cyr 2022 Domaine Saint-CyrTasted with Karine Saint-Cyr in Anse, 15 February 2022.

Domaine Saint-Cyr
31 Chemin de Trechen
69480 Anse
Tel: +33 4 74 60 23 69
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A second chance to look at some of the 2020s from this domaine, this time with Karine, wife of Raphael.

Karine on 2021:
No 21s are bottled yet – we will start in mid-March. We had a lot of rain in this vintage but we were lucky to have good volumes – the crus to the north, well that was a different matter but here it was good.

Karine on 2020:
2020 is also a good vintage but just about everything is already sold. Volumes are quite tight in general and 21 hasn’t helped that. We bottled both January and March last year.

The wines…

Dangerously drinkable wines here in 2020!

2020 Beaujolais La Galoche
Carbonic maceration, starting cold, at 9°C. Galoche the name of the river close to the domaine
The nose is shy but with a lovely red fruit clarity and a faint greenness. Lots of fresh width – ooh that’s really mouth-watering. Dynamic – almost more 21 in style – that’s super. Really a cup of refreshment!

2020 Beaujolais Terrior de Bellevue
A parcel selection from near the domaine – this the black label which indicates a cuvée of ‘distinction’ here.
A deeper nose, perhaps faintly reductive but certainly with more ample fruit. A bit of gas making this extra fresh! Like the last the energy is palpable and invigorating. Red fruited dangerous wine – because you won’t leave anything in the bottle!

2020 Moulin à Vent Les P’tits Bois
It was a good harvest here so was able to make also the following wine and not just an assembly wine.
A larger width of slightly cushioned aroma – depth too. Also super-fresh. But sleek and velour-textured too. Love the delicious, infectious energy of these wines. Excellent.

2020 Moulin à Vent La Bruyère
Black label. Like the last wine, with 24 days of maceration. Here with 60% barrel elevage unlike the Morgon which was 100%
Also a fine breadth of aroma – slightly cushioned in a more rounded natural style. Direct, extra silky, cool fruit – a certain fluidity to this style. Should MaV have a bit more ‘oomph’ – maybe, but you wouldn’t care if you were drinking this! Simply delicious and quite sophisticated from the perspective of texture too.

2019! Chénas Les Blémonts
Not clear – but the nose is clearly supper! Round – plenty of volume, plenty of depth too. Rounder but no less fresh – it’s the style here – simply juicily, mouth-watering, wines. Super middle width with concentration too but the energy is already directing you to the finish so that you can take another sip – persistent as that finish is! Bravo!

Le White:

2020 Beaujolais Blanc La Galoche
Argillo-calcaire, all tank elevage. Young vines ‘and fast elevage, for drinking young’
Ooh – that’s really forward – wide – and perfumed. A white of volume but fresh energy – just like the reds. Melting with flavour, even modestly tannic. No rigour to speak of just a fine and mouth-watering finish.

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