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Gilles Paris 2022 Domaine Gilles ParisTasted with Gilles in Chiroubles, 22 February 2022.

Domaine C G Paris
Les Genets
69115 Chiroubles
Tel: +33 6 87 56 91 48
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Gilles on 2021:
2021 is my 2nd year of conversion for organic certification – and what a work against the weeds! Yes, there some malaidies after the frost – black frost above and white at the bottom in Fleurie – so we made about 15 hl/ha. So based on our average which is 30-35 hl/ha it’s roughly half a harvest. Yet the 21s are just so drinkable – in Champagne 6 hl/ha – everyone wants it but won’t get it!

Gilles on 2020:
30 hl/ha, so a bigger harvest but all the wines are big and forward too – it’s a concentrated vintage with a structure that’s certainly more for keeping than the 21s… about 13.5-14° in general despite starting our harvest 22 August – and that’s compared to 15 September in 2021.

The wines…

What an excellent set of wines. In general, I have a preference for Gille’s 2019s – but that’s the same for me at many domaines.

We taste the wines of Gilles and of Catherine & Michel Rebreyand that he makes:

2020 Fleurie Les Clos, Catherine and Michel Rebreyand
13° – the lowest of the range. Fresh, direct and oh so pure fruited. This is already the third year of conversion so the 2021 will be labelled AB
Supple, silky, hedonistic, seductive – a great start! Just a little finishing tannin…

2020 CG (Gilles) Paris, Fleurie Grand Pré
More energy, wider, faintly spiced but still hyper-attractive. More direct, intense, framed with grainless Tannin and always juicy. Holding a very fine finish. Excellent wine.

2020 CG (Gilles) Paris, Fleurie Parcellaire
This is from lieu-dit Champagne
A similar wild nose but here with a more profound depth of fruit – the width suggests a comforting texture. Concentrated, more considered layers of flavour – becoming more intense – almost stony fruit at the core with a little creamy barrel that’s visible towards the end of the flavours – keep it back 12 months but really high, high, quality…

2020 CG (Gilles) Paris, Chiroubles Terroir
Vines of 300-350m altitude with an all tank elevage. Bottled just before the 21 harvest – the previous two are in bottle only 1 month
A nose that reflects the last two to an extent with the forward slightly wild spice – very attractive it is too – but here in a more airy package. Beautifully wide and melting over the palate, that’s so engaging and mouth-watering. Really fine. An excellent wine!

2020 CG (Gilles) Paris, Chiroubles Vielles-Vignes
In bottle one month – two parcels at 500m on the limit with Fleurie
Hmm, less wild, more perfumed and floral. Red cherry fruit too. A slghtly kirsch accent but this is super-engaging wine, structured but not too much, higher-toned but not too much. Really another fine thing – holding a super-impressive length…

2020 CG (Gilles) Paris, Morgon Douby
More silk and direction to this nose – faintly floral to start. A wine that probably won’t be commercialized for another year. Super mouth-filling, structural wine yet still with a certain style approaching ‘fluid’ faint traces of barrel but already 95% gone. Really a super wine – bravo – but wait 2 years!

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