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Alain Coudert 2022 Clos de la RoiletteTasted with Alain Coudert in Fleurie, 10 February 2022.

Domaine Clos de la Roilette
Clos de la Roilette
69820 Fleurie
Tel: +33 4 74 69 84 37
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Alain on the recent vintages:
In 2021 we managed to produce about 40 hl/ha – a ‘correct’ volume though we certainly lost production in a couple of places because of the frost. 2020 was more abundant – about 50 hl/ha – and I think we can be very happy with that. Our Brouilly is from the side of the appellation that had a bit of rain, so the vines didn’t suffer too much – fortunately – because the southern part had none, for weeks! If 2021 is a smaller volume vintage, 2020 is a rich vintage!

The wines…

Alain is Mr Consistency – I could happily buy a mixed case of his weines each year…

All wines from 2020 are now bottled:

2020 Brouilly
The vines come from the maternal side of the family, but it’s only a small parcel, harvested 22 August.
Deep, ripe dark fruit – but with freshness, not excess. Wide – lovely open flavours, melting over the palate. That’s lovey, wine, indeed delicious, mouth-watering in the finish. Excellent!

2020 Fleurie Cuvée Christie
Parcels in Champagne And Deduits blended
That’s very broad – a mixture of flowers and herbs. Extra concentration – layered flavour – the herb/floral complexity here too. Give this a little time in the cellar – the finish is the best part today.

2020 Fleurie Les Garands
Not yet commercialised – had this parcel just 2 years
This is also broad – this time even fresher with dark fruit and a little iron augmenting the herbs and flowers. Extra intensity in the middle and finishing flavours – that’s really super.

2020 Fleurie Clos de la Roilette
Ooh – now that’s got a great floral component – very pure dark fruit too. More relaxed over the palate – mobile, deliciously mouth-watering flavour. Holding so impressively in the finish – great Fleurie.

2020 Clos de la Roilette Cuvée Tardive
Parcels here in Roilette from old vines of at least 70-years-old “Really the cuvée to drink a little later – but I don’t write vieilles vignes because it really doesn’t mean that much.” 90% elevage in foudres for about 8 months. The name tardive is not because they choose later harvesting, rather because these vines take longer to mature.
Again a super depth – here more vibrantly fresh. An ease over the palate, smooth, mouth-watering, less incisive than the last but probably because there’s extra concentration. Supple and never heavy – just a mm or two extra cushioning. Extra finishing sucrosity – it’s really impressive but I slightly prefer the sleeker lines of the last wine this year. Carafe this if opening now.

2020 Clos de la Roilette Griffe du Marquis
The stamp of the Marquis on this wax-topped, sommelier bottle. The same vines as tardive but matured in older barrels for 1 year before assembly into tank for 3 months. First produced in 2009.
More vertical – deep and high toned here – the same (Fleurie!) blend of flowers and herb. Hmm – more vibrant and pure, more direct than the Tardive. Similar sucrosity to the tardive – it’s the same base wine – but the shape and energy is different here from the elevage.

And for the road – and the pleasure:

2016 Clos de la Roilette Griffe du Marquis
That’s already got a lovely width of quite developed aroma – plenty of fine sous bois. Wide, fresh, nicely incisive – cool and with a fine texture. Slowly a little tannin rises to bring a more velour texture. Slowly fading – not finish of power but one of delicious and elegant length.

2014 Clos de la Roilette Griffe du Marquis
Much more floral a little extra dryness to the finishing tannin but only that. Another super wine.

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