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Mathieu Lapierre 2021 Domaine Mathieu & Camille LapierreTasted in Morgon with Mathieu Lapierre, 05 February 2021.

Domaine Mathieu et Camille Lapierre  
Rue Rabelais
69910 Villié-Morgon
Tel: +33 4 74 04 23 89
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Matthieu on 2020:
We had strong fermentations – we had some high densities but good acidities too that we tried to keep. Early of course, 20 August harvesting – a historic record here. Luckily the people keep drinking wine – unfortunately not in restaurants but otherwise, things are okay for us. No nature cuvées as we had a lot of bacteria in the wines – just like in 2015.

Matthieu on 2019:
We harvested at a reasonable time – September, like previous vintages hot so ripe grapes – we were some of the first harvesting – historically we were later. I think the grapes have an extra balance and are more classic vs the 2018s – very easy to work with such clean grapes. Simple fermentations, nothing in the grapes to perturb that.

The wines…

A great, great result!

2020 Raisins Gauloises
The domaine’s youngest vines – but actually already 20 years old – elevage in stainless-steel and bottled with a screw-cap. ‘You could think of this as the domaine’s primeur. Only traditional carbonic maceration so no destemming.’ Just bottled. These grapes from close to the domaine in Corcelles – a contract.
Medium colour. Nicely fresh red fruit. Silky and beautifully fresh – juicy wine – of energy and thirst-quenching deliciousness. A little noisette impression in the finish – but very tasty! Bravo!

2019 Morgon
This is the sulfur version
Just a touch more colour. A larger nose – a hint of freshness and structure, slowly flowers too. Extra depth, concentration and sweetness – lots of mouth-watering flavour though. Again juicy finishing but with a little more ample packaging. Simply excellent.

2019 Morgon
The no-sulfur version
Aroma a little deeper here, textured red fruit like the last. More direct, more mineral, more mouth-wateringly pure – ooh – I like this more. Long too – Bravo – Matthieu likes the extra flesh of the first today.
201) Morgon Cuvée Lapierre MMXIX
Hundred-year-old wines from Douby and Côte du Py – ‘the wine we sell, not the wine we drink’ laughs Mathieu
A bigger, broader nose – the barrel elevage is showing here. No cuvée of this in 2020. Great shape in the mouth – more – clarity again, great finishing shape and persistence too. That’s a great wine again – but here I’d wait 2-3 years for the barrel to fade away. But the finish impresses not just with its length, but also an accent of attractive flowers…
2019 Morgon Roche du Py Cuvée Camille
A little extra colour. Super freshness of aroma – that’s the star so far. Direct, perfectly Morgon, with mouth-watering freshness, layered flavour, melting from great but not unapproachable structure. I don’t taste this every year, but when I do, it’s one of the highlights of my visit in Beaujolais. Bravo…

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