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Julien Sunier 2021Tasted with Julien Sunier in Avenas, 17 February 2021.

Domaine Julien Sunier
Ferme des Noisetiers
69430 Avenas
Tel: +33 4 74 69 91 74
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Julien on 2019:
I had a little frost in the bottom of Fleurie, my other parcel was okay though. The other parcels did well and I averaged 45 hl/ha. It was a year that resembled 2018 but there was rain before the harvest so there’s a freshness that is ‘extra’ versus in 2018 – lower alcohols too – 12.5° – and I’m happy with that. Vinifications were easy too, I’ve two foudres now, it helps to keep the fruit I think and the oxygenation is still there.

Julien on 2020:
I’ve a bit more Regnié – 4.5 ha now – from 8.5 in total, I always declassified a bit for the Wild Soul but there’s a bit of bought grapes – organic – in there too. But there’s getting to be a bit too much administration – I might have to eventually employ someone! 2020 was a complicated year for many reasons but eventually, the sales returned and we are in good shape.

The wines…

Another vintage where I would say to Julien – well-done!

Bottled mid-June – ‘and it takes about a year in bottle before I’m happy – but the wines really grow in the bottle. But I have to say that I prefer the more complicated vintages, with some acidity and I have a fear of dark or black coloured wine!‘ All wines unfiltered with 10mg of sulfur at bottling but none during elevage.

2019 Beaujolais-Lantignié Wild Soul
‘Pur Jus’ on the label and cork to indicate that these are bought grapes from friends. Elevage at Château de Basty – foudre elevage, 10 mg of sulfur, not filtered – bottled in Autumn. The third year of conversion for the contracted part – so the whole cuvée will be AB next year.
Medium-plus colour. The nose is a little tight and slightly saline. Mouth-filling, lovely texture – energy. That’s a lovely mineral line in the finish. A little structure right on the end – super and you can keep this a while – I think it will be just perfect in another year.
2019 Fleurie
1 ha of Grand Pres at the bottom of Fleurie, the other part from high. All barrel elevage.
A nose that slowly grows in the glass – rounder, redder, more depth and comfort is my impression. Round in the mouth too – ooh that’s lovely – layered, beautifully textured – a comforting wine. That’s a great Fleurie. Bravo!

2019 Morgon
Red waxed topped. Vines lower down the slope – but including Côte du Py – so a little richer.
Starts with a slight reduction (feet!), but quickly leaves the glass. More direct, mouth-watering, lovely, faintly spiced flavour, long and delicious.

2018 Régnié
The lowest-lying vines so the wine with the most maturity. Julien had pulled out the wrong vintage from his stores, so I didn’t get to taste the 2019.
Some depth of fruit and a little spice too. Mouth-filling and with an open freshness of flavour. Wide and super. This has opened up beautifully from last year.

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