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Adrien Duboeuf 2021 Georges DuboeufTasted in Romanèche-Thorins with Adrien Duboeuf, 15 February 2021.

Vins Georges Duboeuf
208 rue de Lancié
71570 Romanèche-Thorins
Tel: +33 3 85 35 34 20
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Adrien on commerce:
Sales to supermarkets went really well but it was not enough to balance the volume lost in other areas, and of course, the supermarket margins are lower…

Adrien on 2019:
A sunny year with some richness to the wines – though less so than in 2020. I think they drink already very well – of course, they are rather juvenile but have a lovely strength of aroma – they are balanced and have fine tannin too – I think they will comfortably be very tasty for the next 4 or 5 years.

The wines…

A good range of tasty 2019s but only one wine that I would actively search out…

They have moved to DIAM for the whites “as the variation was much higher than for the reds – we can tolerate the reds but it’s too much for the whites.

2019 Chiroubles – Fleur
A nice freshness – though with only a modest aromatic volume – flowers and fruit – that’s nice. Supple, depth of flavour, nicely floral – long too – a good finish.

2019 St.Amour Domaine du Paradis
Still floral but here are deeper aromas – super. More intensity and energy – good balance and mouth-watering acidity here – that’s completely delicious. Floral finishing too – very wide and mouth-watering.

2019 St.Amour Château de St.Amour
Hmm – even nicer, again floral and very appealing. Perfumed fruit, redder fruit – less impact. Super finishing – lovely.

2019 Brouilly – Fleur
Vibrant and deep aroma. More serious depth – structure – the fruit here is rather ripe. Wide – a vibrant wine but less appealing than the previous.

2019 Brouilly Chateau Nervers
A wide nose with a graphite minerality mixed with the fruit, again with some perfume. Structural, deeply flavoured – beautifully balanced fresh concentration – for keeping a little longer but that’s excellent – a super finish.

2019 Brouilly Domain La Martingale
A little extra colour. Darker fruit but it’s the floral aspect that’s most forward today. Fresh and with good intensity once more – wider, faintly touched by tannin. Saline too – holds really very well – that’s another excellent wine.

2019 Brouilly Domaine de Grand Croix
A vibrant nose floral, almost suggesting a little pyrazine. Structural again more direct than wide, A wine for keeping but a fine mouth-watering flavour mixes with the modest finishing tannin here.

2019 Brouilly Domaine de Lafayette
A larger, rounder, darker-fruited wine. Structural, juicily mouth-watering – more extraction here – but nothing is overdone – give this 1-2 years in your cellar

2019 Fleurie Chateau des Déduits
A nicely vibrant red-fruited nose – but far from the scale of the previous wines. Mouth-filling with nice energy – but plenty concentration as you head into the finish – really good here.

2019 Fleurie Domaine Quatre Vents
‘Very traditional – they haven’t changed their approach for almost 3 generations.’
Some concentration and a little aromatic roundness. More obvious concentration, structure too. A larger grain of tannin but all ripe. Here is a more powerful wine – easy to drink but better if you can wait a little while – 2 years perhaps but lovely.

2019 Fleurie La Madone Clos des 4 Vents
A little more colour. The nose strongly floral and the most complex of all so far. More concentration again – really super texture with a depth of velvet – that’s a great wine – bravo!

2019 Morgon Domaine Mont Chavy
Less depth of aroma but here’s a nose of super width and a classy sophistication – almost silky. Here’s a wine to wait for – more direct and insistent – the acidity driving the energy. Love the energy of that finish – that’s a super wine.

2019 Morgon Corcelettes Domaine de Versauds
Floral above and deeper below. More mouth-filling, an accent of drier tannin – but hardly any grain – again a wine to wait for but completely different in shape if not the insistence of the finishing flavour.

2019 Morgon Les Charmes Domaine de Versauds
A rounder nose, floral, but less focus. A little gas. A wine that grows to fill your mouth, faintly dry. Very wide finishing – the finish is the best part.

2019 Domaine Javernière, Morgon Côte du Py
Less aromatic impact but much more silky sophistication. Mouth-filling but with far more focus than the last – accented with fine floral anecdotes too. Easy finishing – open and sophisticated wine.

2019 Juliénas – Fleur
Perfumed and deep – that’s very attractive indeed. Fresh, cool-fruited, nicely direct – a slightly structural style. Nicely mouthwatering in the finish – that’s lovely.

2019 Moulin à Vent Domaine du Moulin A Vent
Not a full nose, but there’s something extra here – oak – fortunately quite modest. Round, concentrated – layered delivery of flavour – that’s a big wine, rich but with no overt oak flavour – long with a faint grain of tannin. Serious wine!

2019 Moulin à Vent Domaine des Rosiers
More open and floral – less aromatic – impact. More overt freshness – nicely mouth-filling, concentrated without the richness of the last – a bit more open – but also more for the patient. It’s a nicely wide finish though – persistent here.

2019 Moulin à Vent Domaine du Pourpre
Possibly the most timid nose of the whole tasting. Driving, concentrated – a more austere, structural style, but certainly concentrated – like the first MaV but with less charm – wait 2-3 years for this wine – it slowly unfurls in the finish – plenty of potential but not for today.

2019 Moulin à Vent Domaine de Roche Noir
The oak is the most obvious of all here – a higher-toned nose. Great mouth-filling shape. There’s a certain energy and fine-grained complexity here though – in this wine you can taste the oak a little but it’s not too bad. This has fine potential but I wouldn’t touch one for 3 years…

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