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Frédéric Berne 2021 Tasted with Frédéric Berne, with the sun in his eyes, in Lantignié, 25 February 2021.

Domaine Frédéric Berne
150 Chemin des Vergers
69430 Lantignié
Tel: +33 6 83 46 05 06
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We met Frédéric last year but here’s my first ‘regular visit’ to taste:

Frédéric on 2020:
We had a little too much dryness in my vines in Regnié – it needs a bit more organic material in the soil – the vines I’ve had longer did better. I harvested 30 hl/ha but I’ve never high yields. All were 13-14° and practically no triage was needed. The blue-stone soils resist the drought a bit better than the snady, granitic soils.

Frédéric on 2019:
2019 was also about 30 hl/ha in this vintage – if I want to produce more volume I will need more vines! It’s a vintage with plenty of material, of concentration, but in the cuverie during vinification, you had to go looking for it!

The wines…

Simply a knock-out selection of wines that you should look out for – a pleasure to taste.

2019 Beaujolais Villages Lantignié Granit Rose
Much freshness of aroma – a suggestion of the floral too. In the mouth too – lots of floral aspects that mix with a base that’s more mineral and serious at the base – a super combination. I like this very much…

2019 Beaujolais Villages Lantignié Pierre Bleu
A much rounder nose, almost cushioned. Extra structural elements, silky save for a more velvet tannin accent. A wine that really widens – ooh that’s great – fabulous wine. I prefer the first wine’s nose, but everything in this wine.
2019 Regnié Aux Bruyères
First vintage.
That’s a fine and very airy nose – smaller but full of darker fruit and flowers – it’s a lovely invitation. Driving – direct, with depth of flavour. Super finishing – a little structural tannin that brings an accent of dryness. Keep this wine 12 months – bravo!
2019 Chiroubles Les Terraces
A deeper, more compact nose but obviously concentrated too. Mouth-filling, open and fresh – deeply, deliciously, complexly flavoured. Bravo again
2019 Beaujolais Villages Lantignié Les Vergers
This on the blue stone next to the chateau des Vergers
Quite a width of aroma here – lots of complexity too – very inviting. Direct, intense – driving style. Fuller with tannin though almost no grain. Impressively finishing with a granular and complex depth of flavour – a wine that just keeps getting better and better in the mouth – another great wine!

2019 Morgon Corcelettes
A less overt nose but still showing an attractively airy width of aroma. Wide on the palate supported by a grain – a micro-grain – of tannin. Concentrated but always fresh – a super intensity of finishing flavour. That’s an excellent wine with a super extra dimension of flavour in the finish – like many here.

2019 Beaujolais Villages Lantignié Cuvée Harmonie
The blend of granite rose and pierre bleu – elevage for 12 months mixed.
That’s a beautiful width of aroma – slightly cushioned fruit but still attractively fresh. Beautiful shape, depth of flavour. The tannin forms a grain but there’s no associated dryness. Long, long with plenty of tannin but no worries. Super wine, most likely great!

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