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Annick & Jean-Marc Lafont 2021 Domaine de Bel AirTasted in Lantignié with Annick & Jean-Marc Lafont, 03 February 2021.

Domaine de Bel Air
69430 Lantignié
Tel: +33 4 74 04 82 08
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Jean-Marc on 2019:
We did have a little effect from the frost – a little in Brouilly and of course, also in Moulin à Vent, we were saved to an extent because we were quite late pruning – so not too bad. There was no hail and in the end it was quite a classic vintage – not really any worries – and our Fleurie vines are quite on altitude so we didn’t have worries about the botrytis that some lower vineyards experienced. So clean and quite an easy year to work. Ripe but fresh and the vinifications worked without a problem. There’s a certain concentration, a depth, but it’s not a sunny vintage like in 2018 – I think we have very nice balance.

The wines…

A fine selection, and for the second vintage in a row I think their Beaujoais Villages an absolute steal!

2019 Beaujolais Blanc
A narrow but quite deep nose – a suggestion of freshness too – that’s a fine invitation. Lots of concentration in the mouth – wide, almost oily-silky-textured and a twist of citrus skin in the finish – nicely zesty and certainly long…

2019 Beaujolais Villages Le Granits Bleau
The vines are on a vein of bluestone which is the same vein as in Brouilly. South-facing vines in Belair with about 20% from an opposing hill. about 5 hectares worth of mainly older vines – around 50-years-old…
That’s a deep nose but with fine, glossy fruit. A little grain of tannin supports delicious flavour and good energy – there’s concentration here. The texture is less silky than the Blanc but this is a great BJV finishing with a long graphite minerality!

2019 Brouilly Briante
6.5 ha here, one parcel vinified apart.
Here’s a tighter nose to start but slowly a fine clarity of pure berry fruit rises from the glass. Wide and fresh, mineral too – the structure and texture are finer and the flavour is long and direct.

2019 Fleurie Granits Rose
Nearly 400m altitude here on pink granite – the highest vines of the domaine.
That’s the most open nose – clarity, purity of fruit – that’s a great nose. Supple, concentrated, nicely incisive but with just a little fruit cushioning. Intense finishing line – that’s a simply excellent Fleurie – highly recommended…

2019 Morgon Charmes
‘A really good terroir the closest to here in Morgon.’
A less open nose than the Fleurie but still with a fine width – the aroma of fruit is very cherry-fruited. Here is a more structural wine – there is tannin but no grain is visible – but such a juicy wine – that energy easily balancing the structural side of the wine – excellent wine – but drink your Fleurie while waiting for this.

2018 Moulin à Vent Les Burdelines
The 19 not yet bottled…. ‘Our cuvée classique, we have one other (Granit et Manganese) still in wood.’ Bottling tomorrow but filtered today.
Deeper colour. The nose not completely open but with a good depth of aroma – a width of fine complexity but never strong. Aeration brings a finer clarity to the fruit – it becomes much more inviting. Mouth-filling – there’s density here – concentration of course. The freshness is super. The fruit is a little more complex but less pure in terms of definition. Long finishing though – it’s a broader palate of flavour but less perfectly defined than the previous wines.

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