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Louis-Clement David-Beaupère 2021 Domaine David-BeaupèreTasted with Louis-Clement David-Beaupère in La Bottière, 16 February 2021.

Domaine David-Beaupère
La Bottière
69840 Juliénas
Tel: +33 9 75 92 61 19
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Louis-Clement on 2020:
2020 made a generous vintage, more than in 2018 – not all is sold due to the market – but it’s better to have wine than no wine! Certainly an early vintage – we finished in August – but it was an easy year in the vines.

Louis-Clement on 2019:
2019 delivered about 35% less volume – mainly due the summer heat I think – there could have been some effect from frost but if so, it wasn’t really visible, and the flowering seemed fine.

The wines…

Standard for my visits here – excellent to great wines – what more could you want?

2020 Beaujolais
This is new. They have made BJ Nouveau before and this comes from the same place – Emeringes – granite but with lots of silica – about 1 ha – ‘harvested not too late to give something lighter but tasty.’ Bottled start of November. It will be ready for the Springtime – 12°
Light colour. Modest intensity nose but red-fruited. In the mouth open, easy, a little grain from the tannin but no astringency. Wide, a little mineral and long finishing. Tasty and will only improve.

2019 Beaujolais Villages
Bottled in August – just before the harvest. Chapelle de Guinchay – half a hectare of vines that belong to the family of Jules Chauvet.
Light colour again. Deeper, more layered nose, faintly lactic, almost some struck-match, but very inviting. Impact, freshness – lovely red fruit. A small grain of tannin like the 2020 Beaujolais. A wine that, without thinking, begs you to take another sip before you’ve even finished contemplating the finish.

2019 Julienas Trois Verres
A new cuvée in 2016 – a graphic label, the three glasses – from a plantation done in 2014 and 2015 in Bottière. Also bottled in August – a little later due to the confinement.
Also lighter coloured but there’s a bit more in here. Extra depth of aroma starting with a bit more perfume and a suggestion of balsamic – there’s much more to find here. Fresh wide, the most concentrated, a little edge of salinity too. That’s a super finish. Bravo!

2018 Julienas Vayolette
From the west of the appellation on a plain south-facing, steep slope, the soil is bluestone. Have a 3ha parcel. ‘I adore this vintage I think it tendu and fin – I think the third winter has really put it in place. Zero added sulfur – I thought the wine was in a great place at the time of bottling so chose to leave it like that.’ Was bottled in August 2020.
Another level of colour for this wine. A narrow but deep nose, seemingly mineral too. Mouth-filling but properly fresh – there’s plenty of mouth-watering flavour here – not as rich as LC describes, but more-so than the previous wines. Some weight – more power – in the finish – again complex with a suggestion of salinity – holding very well. On the tip of the tongue a certain zesty finishing character. Excellent wine, just a nose short of great today.

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