Mathieu et Camille Lapierre – 2018


amille & Mathieu Lapierre, 2020Tasted in Morgon with Mathieu Lapierre, pictured with sister Camille, 07 February 2019.

Domaine Mathieu et Camille Lapierre  
Rue Rabelais
69910 Villié-Morgon
Tel: +33 4 74 04 23 89

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Matthieu on 2019:
Most of the customers seem to prefer 2018 but 2019 is the more classic I think. We are not yet at the stage of Beaujolais-du-Pape – but 2015 was heading that direction so we didn’t really do ‘nature’ cuvées in 2015 – there was a lot of bacteria about in that vintage and we still had 5g of sugar, so…

Matthieu on 2018:
2018 was a vintage with a combination of generosity but also quality, as such it is something I’ve never seen before. Sorting can be hard work, but in 2018 it was less hard, and believe me we are very picky about what we choose to vinify. That said, it still wasn’t easy to vinify – some cuvées had a pH of 3.65, and normally we are closer to pH 3.5 – here ‘natural’ means we have to react, whilst some people choose or assume that natural means to do nothing!

The wines…

Classy wines at this domaine in 2018 – cushioned but with fruit of clarity – yum!

The 18s are long-since bottled here – the last was done before the harvest, the first in the springtime. This year they already have their 2019 Raisins Gauloises in bottle – ‘We thought we should capture the freshness of that wine!

2019 Raisins Gauloises
The domaine’s youngest vines – but actually already 20 years old – elevage in stainless-steel and bottled with a screw-cap. ‘You could think of this as the domaine’s primeur. Only traditional carbonic maceration so no destemming.’ The longest maceration in 2019 was 28 days. Vertically pressed – and can go up to 10 hours of pressing.
A nicely vibrant red fruit, red apple-skin, touched by a little salinity. There’s a nice depth and texture to this wine, a little richer than the nose suggests. Freshness in the middle and finish, and it’s a long finish too.

2018 Morgon
This is the sulfur version
Here there’s more depth of aroma, a little more depth to the red fruit. Wider, more dimensions of flavour, love the depth of this fruit flavour. A clarity of fruit, nothing suggesting low sulfur. Simply delicious and fresh – bravo!
2018 Morgon
This is the no-added sulfur version
A little extra roundness of the nose, the faintly lactic impression that most no-added-sulfur wines have. But what a palate, hyper-silky, more overtly mineral, super width. Love, love, love the finish!
2018 Morgon Cuvée Lapierre MMXVIII
Hundred-year-old wines from Douby and Côte du Py – ‘the wine we sell, not the wine we drink’ laughs Mathieu
Good depth of colour. A little herb – swirling removes – was that cork – yes – me move to bottle number 2? Very floral, extra structure, depth of flavour, depth of tannin too but no grain – that’s a great wine of depth, even a faint reduction – the nose remains attractive. The fruit of the second bottle certainly more expressive – brilliant width of finishing flavour. Bravo.

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