Manoir du Carra Sambardier – 2018


Jean-Frédéric Sambardier, 2020Tasted in Denicé with Jean-Frédéric Sambardier (left), 14 February 2020.

Manoir du Carra Sambardier
Le Carra
69640 Denicé
Tel: +33 4 74 67 38 24

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The new winery (right) is 90% complete – the building and most of the installation has been done – it’s mainly the cosmetics now – but it’s an impressive place – almost as big as the rest of the climate of La Carra! Okay, that was joke – but impressive all the same.

Jean-Frédéric on 2019:
Frost! About 50% damage to our chardonnay. The reds were better but probably still about 30% down – the best we managed was 42 hl/ha. There was coulure at the time of flowering too – the rain didn’t help us there, then it was hot so it wasn’t just the frost in 2019. Practically 40% down – the worst in red was MaV with 28 hl/ha. The quality’s good though, some finesse, very Beaujolais, not too concentrated. Looking good, certainly not like 2018 but with finesse.

Jean-Frédéric on 2018:
2018 was exceptional – both for quality and quantity. Historically we had about 1.5 vintages in stock but we really ate into that in the last couple of years, so the volume we produced in 2018 was really needed. I make wines with a certain elevage that need time to open so it wasn’t really possible to bottle early. I’ve been making the wine here for about 20 years but this is the best combination of volume and quality. In 2018 we started harvesting 18-19 August for the crémant and then started on the 21st for the rest. Some of the vines suffered from the heat, other older vines never produce too much – of-course Moulin à Vent and Fleurie produced a little less – 40-45 hl/ha – mainly because of the two vintages of hail preceding, the vines taking their time to recover. The last harvested vines on altitude still had 14° natural! I’m content as there was much more than double the volume in 2018 versus 2017, though all comfortable under the allowed rendement.

The wines…

JF has excellent wines in 2018 – all of the wines here with ‘upside-potential’ as they have such a good combination of both structure and fine texture. Mainly to wait for too.

We didn’t taste the Julienas as it wasn’t yet bottled:

2018 Beaujolais Blanc
Denicé and Montblain for the grapes – both argillo-calcaire. The only wine bottled a little early so there’s something to sell! ‘Good pHs but a low total acidity.’
That an elegant and perfumed nose. Round, a supple, nice width and slowly mouth-watering with a touch of salinity. That’s quite a tasty wine! A little zesty in the finish. Yum!

2018 Beaujolais Villages Cuvée non-filtre
Two bottlings usually for this. Vines in Rivolé – quite close to here – all granite and schist – ‘a very Lantignié style of geology.’
Good colour – not too deep. That’s also a very attractive nose – fruit, darker-red of energy and freshness – a fine invitation. Supple, wide over the palate, a graphite-flavoured minerality, wide and mouth-waterig. Very moreish. Excellent, nay great BJV!

2018 Fleurie Le Clos de Deduits
Was bottled in spring 2019 – as there was no Fleurie after the 16 and 17 hailstorms.
Round, open, fresh and floral with a modest cushioning of red fruit – it’s Fleurie! In the mouth too – round, a modest cushioning to the texture – a nice width in the middle with plenty of supporting structure with a faintly saline and mineral finish. This is classic Fleurie, well made from a good vintage – excellent wine.

2018 Fleurie Vers le Mont
Above Grille Midi – south of la Madone – not far off 400m altitude.
Coloured but not anywhere near saturated. Bottled in October. There’s a faint reduction to start but the aroma of graphite minerality soon takes centre-stage. Bigger in the mouth, more energetic, juicier – also a bit more structured – extra of everything versus the Deduits – a wine for patience too – I’d give this a couple of years to calm – it’s excellent but for another day…

2018 Moulin à Vent Burdelines
Bottled also in November.
A silky, elegant width of aroma – quite tight but definitely attractive. Driving, energetic, beautifully textured, partly submerged tannin – modestly visible, micro-grained. Saline in the finish where it’s really complex and attractive. Another simply excellent wine – all of the wines here with ‘upside-potential’ as they have such good combination of both structure and fine texture. Despite its youth and (submerged) structure, this is delicious.

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