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Jean-Marc Burgaud, 2020Tasted in Morgon with Jean-Marc Burgaud, 04 February 2020.

Domaine Jean-Marc Burgaud
La Côte du Py
69910 Villié-Morgon
Tel: +33 4 74 69 16 10

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Jean-Marc on 2019:
In 2019 we were just on the limit in Grand Cras – here it was 0°C but no frost – it was also a year with no hail! Lots of dry weather, just a little rain in August that allowed us to reach good maturity. Maybe a little less difference in maturity than usual in the early and later maturing sectors so I had to keep a close eye on the harvest dates. Floraison actually went quite well. It’s a very good vintage I think. Little humidity, like 2018, so no issues with maladies. The wines are now in tank, I won’t touch anything before the spring – I like the weather to warm a little first. The volume is good, not quite the level of 2018 but I’m happy.

Jean-Marc on 2018:
2018 is superb; a good volume and the markets are holding for now! An early year – the vines started very early too, good flowering and so an early harvest; we had practically no rain after the 15 June – except one small downpour in each of July and August – so not too dry for the grapes, just too dry for the maladies! So a good volume – one that would undoubtedly have been diluted if there had been more rain. I think the style and freshness of the fruit are a little more interesting than in 2015 for instance – 2015 is a great vintage but those wines will need time.

The wines…

Delicious wines in general, but Jean-Marc’s Javernières and ‘James’ cuvées have another level.

All is bottled, the last two cuvées were done just a couple of weeks before my visit:

2018 Beaujolais Villages Les Vignes de Lantigné
Almost 5 hectares all in Lantignié – a single bottling of this.
Round, cushioned, slightly chocolate. Rich but with fine balance – that’s beautifully textured, layered flavour, concentrated – composed, delicious flavour. Widening, finish with excellence – super here. Before the finish I might like some more energy, but for the label that’s nit-picking at €8.50, this is great BJV…

2018 Régnié Vallières
The lieu-dit – 1 ha of vines here. 8 days of maceration.
A very different nose – more depth, more floral energy. In the mouth too, the energy is higher, good shape and mobile flavour here. Delicious.

2018 Morgon Les Charmes
1 ha of 1932 vines in the west of Morgon towards Regnié but a different soil, the latest harvested parcel at the domaine, usually picked 1 week later due to sitting in a cooler current of air.
Lots of floral aromatic impact from this nose. Mouth-filling again, a little accent from the tannin here but nothing dry, rather composed before a finish that resembles the BJV for its extra energy – there’s more scale her though. Lovely!

2018 Morgon Grand Cras
Just under 3 hectares of vines. Here is clay, it’s a harder soil to work, a little limestone in the mix too, part is less sunny. , the last was very granitic.
Here’s a beautiful nose – plenty of volume, floral accented – this is a fine invitation. More drive, more vibrantly flavoured. Depth of flavour too – this I find excellent – with a little structure that wasn’t visible in the Charmes. Excellent wine!

2018 Morgon Côte du Py
‘This is a cuvée that I think representative of what I try to do – there’s over 6 hectares of vines represented here – with context, richness and depth, and the touch of fruit – each parcel providing the different component – vines 45-65 yo old – I’m lucky to have them!’
An airy nose – of minerals of fainter flowers – that’s a fine invitation. A punch – there’s power, there’s impact here. Full, slowly melting with mouth-watering flavour. That’s a super and persistent flavour in the finish. Excellent too – I slightly prefer the Cras today – but that’s style nor quality.

2018 Morgon Côte du Py Javernières
This lower on the slope. All large-format barrels for elevage, older barrels.
A bigger nose, different, softer from the barrels, perhaps. Wide, a wine with energy, a touch of dark chocolate, supple, and absolutely gorgeous finishing – easily the greatest here, the start less interesting than Cras for me but the finish is that of grand vin.
2018 Morgon Côte du Py James
This from the summit of the hill – all the rest of the elevage is exactly the same as the last – to the day, only the origin is different, even the vines were planted in the same year – 1965.
That’s a deep colour. That’s also a very fine nose of freshness, of delicacy but no lack of material. I like this shape more – a profile that’s more open, more freshly complex, composed yet still with energy – there’s nothing that’s laboured. Holding a very fine finish – not as demonstrably great as the Javernières today but close. Overall a great wine.
2017 Morgon Côte du Py Javernières
A really open nose of freshness and floral complexity. Nicely structural, a touch of tannic texture, great finish again – almost as good as the 18.
2017 Morgon Côte du Py James
Almost a silky aspect to the aroma – wide – more purity of floral. Younger, structural, a little mouth-puckering tannin, but this build into a crescendo of deliciousness. Great finishing bravo – great wine!

2018 Beaujolais Villages Blanc
Vines planted in 2010, in Lantignié – a yellow clay hillside towards Regnié. ‘Here is a good mix of clay – there are not many places here with this soil, normally you have to head south in the Pierre Dorées. I want serious, but from the fruit, I’m not playing with barrels as we don’t really have the terroir for that’ – this 100% tank elevage.’
Sweetness and an airy minerality – plenty of punch from the fruit too. Mineral, layered, a touch saline, in fact, more than a touch. A slight rigour to the minerality but that’s lovely in the finish – very tasty wine.

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