Girin – 2018


Tasted in Saint-Vérand with Thibault Girin, 14 February 2020. Domaine Girin Aucherand 69620 Saint-Vérand Tel: +33 6 83 53 46 64 More reports for Domaine Girin Thibault on 2019: We started with frost then a lot of wind that caused some damage – then hail in August too – so it was a very…

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There is one response to “Girin – 2018”

  1. GKramer25th March 2021 at 8:15 pmPermalink

    (Disclaimer, I’ve been selling Girin’s wines for years). I took a look at your notes above after tasting 2018 Razet & L’Ancestrale. I am amazed at the remarkable similarity of our impressions. Even more amazed that the wines seemed not to have moved much in 13 months. Some of the most structured and backward wines I recall from Thibaut. Like you, I think they will be great. Not the same though when I can’t taste in his cellar.

    • billn26th March 2021 at 8:02 amPermalink

      It’s always good when it seems that we’ve tasted the same wines 🙂

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