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Tasted with Mee Godard in Morgon Le Haut, with too much sun in her eyes, 05 February 2019.

Domaine Mee Godard
Morgon Le Haut
69910 Villié-Morgon
Tel: +33 6 66 47 00 64

Mee on 2018:
A year without hail, a nice year, one of the hottest in the last 100 years – I heard that on the TV! Just May and first half of June was more sportive with rain and more rain. A generous year I suppose for most of Burgundy. We had lovely grapes so great quality from the start – vinifications meant that it was a more technical vintage – two of my tanks still have 2 grams of sugar – a vintage where it’s important to keep an eye out for volatiles or brett.

Mee on 2017:
If 2016 was complicated in the Spring, then the Spring of 2017 was perfect, and was followed by fine flowering. Then boom! The hail – so it’s about 50% of a normal vintage here and it was the hail that was the issue. Because of the lower volume I had to do a little négoce in 2018 as the 2017s are done from here – normally there is a modest quantity of stock for the small amount of passing trade, but it’s not possible this year after two consecutive low volume vintages. There are some Beaujolais Villages and a blanc which hopefully will be ready in the summer though.

The wines…

Mee’s wines are more mineral, more saline at this stage in this vintage, it will be most rewarding to wait for them to soften a little.

Bottling was 15 October for the Morgons and the Moulin à Vent was done the 23 August. There’s no Passerelle cuvée this vintage – only 6 hl/ha was harvested – so the grapes were included in the Côte de Py.

2017 Morgon Corcelette
Fresh, wide – a nice complexity of aroma here. Round, melting, very mineral style – growing in intensity. Slowly mouth-watering in the finish – long too – very mineral style – such that I would describe this as having some rigour – wait a year or more to drink.

2017 Morgon Grand Cras
Deeper, redder fruit – cherry style. More width, more volume too – still a very mineral and refreshing style – juicy. A touch of salinity. Lovely faint waves of fine finishing flavour.

2017 Morgon Côte de Py
A more airy nose, pretty fruit, much less impact. More line, more drive to this wine – narrow but melting at the sides – indeed a serious side to this wine, but only modest tannin and good intensity. A little extra richness of texture – widening in the finish, a touch saline again – a wine that just keeps getting better as it opens – but it starts rather narrow.

2017 Moulin à Vent Les Michelons
On the sandy soil in the commune of Chenas
Not so wide, but faintly spiced and deep with dark fruit. A different shape, fuller, rounder, more melting fruit – a similar mineral style to the others in the range – but melting with delicious flavour. Hmm, that’s a great finish – of width and delicious flavour. Excellent.

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