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Tasted in ‘Corcelette’ with Daniel Bouland, 17 February 2017.

Domaine Daniel Bouland
Corcelette 69910
Tel: +33 6 81 30 89 12

Daniel is the 4th generation of his family here in Corcelette, with his great-grandparents on his mother’s side here since 1814 – the Bouland name is also from not so far away – it’s from Villié-Morgon! The domaine covers 8 hectares, and whilst mainly centred on Morgon there is a little Chiroubles and Côte de Brouilly too…

Daniel explains that he makes a traditional vinification, with remontage twice per day and he gets into the tank to pigeage. There are no grills, no delestage, and he uses all whole cluster in his vinifications, vinifications that finish at a relatively high temperature of 34-35°C.

80% of the domaine’s produce is exported, the US is the main market.

Daniel on 2016:
Here was the worst area for hail – we are pretty much between Villié-Morgon close to Chiroubles. We were less touched than some but still there was plenty of hail. I’m lucky that my vines in Chiroubles were shielded by a wooded area – so I was able to make the rendement. I estimate that about 50 hectares of Chiroubles was abandoned by growers who had nothing to harvest and decided it was enough – there was lots of damage in the steep hillsides too, this from the weight of rain that fell.

Daniel on 2015:
There was a south wind for three days before the harvest – we lost 5hl of potential yield per day – it was unbeliveable. Of-course it concentrated the grapes and it was better than heavy rain! Overall, I probably harvested about 30% less than a typical vintage. I think it’s a great vintage – balanced and of similar magnitude to 1976…

The wines…

The Chiroubles and Morgon-Delys see elevage in stainless-steel, it’s foudres for most of the others.

All of these wines, it seems to me, improve aromatically in the glass – so if you want to open one now, carafe an hour or so ahead of time! Oh and enjoy – they are excellent!

2015 Chiroubles
Not really a sandy soil here.
Its a deep, dark and round nose. Hmm, fresh and really nice layers of fresh and precise fruit – a growing, insinuating intensity – long and agreeable. This is excellent…

2015 Côte de Brouilly
South-facing, bluestone soil, the vines directly above Château Thivin.
Deep colour. Also a deep and dark nose, perhaps a faint lactic to the nose when first opened. Ooh – a this has really lots of volume, a round but fresh and quite complex wine. Big in all senses, a little tannin at the base. The fruit is ripe but very enjoyable – sweetly dark red. The finish is really fine, long, layered and highly attractive – a wine that gets better and better as you follow it.

For Daniel’s Morgons, he normally has 4 cuvées, but one is already sold out – Morgon Delys.

2015 Morgon Cuvée Foudre
Deep and dark. A similarly deep nose, dark fruited but here with a suggestion of flowers above. Ooh – this is large in the mouth – really lots of volume, softly textured, with a base of texture from the tannin too – but really a muscular – still friendly fruit. Big and very, very tasty wine. I like this!

2015 Morgon Bellevue
A beautiful nose of dimension and freshness – really a fine fresh, and floral ‘high’ and a good tasty impression below. Here is the volume of the last wine with just a little more depth of flavour and indeed a growing line of flavour towards the mid-palate. Texturally complex just like the flavour with an extra concentration of tannin but really micro-grained. This is excellent again!

2015 Morgon Corcelettes Vieilles-Vignes
‘Virtually pure sand here but ink its the subsoil that makes the difference in Morgon.’
A deep nose – with a little muscle I feel. A slight reduction in the flavour(?) Still this is a massive wine – full-bodied, (corsé) plenty of tannin. It’s such a young wine, yet the texture is excellent and would even allow you to enjoy a couple of glasses today – I wouldn’t plan to touch it for at least 5 years – but plans are flexible – eh? Excellent! The finish is multi-dimensional – one of the best I’ve tasted – bravo!

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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    I believe the “Delice” is labelled as “Delys”.

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      You are right – well spotted – now fixed. Merci!

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