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Tasted with Mee in Morgon, 09 February 2017.

Domaine Mee Godard
69910 Villié-Morgon
Tel: +33 6 66 47 00 64

This year has started well, it’s been cold, so good for the vines.

Mee on 2016:
Well, in the spring of 2016 I was convinced that there would be no wine, as it had rained so long and so often – the work in the vines was really non-stop! Finally the weather was good and at the harvest I think just about everyone was surprised that the quality was so good. I was hailed twice in Courcelettes – I aim for 40 hectolitres per hectare and got 33 hl/ha, so approaching 20% down which isn’t bad considering we twice had hail – 27 May and 24 June for hail – maybe it wasn’t the greatest vintage for me to start in bio! But I’m still here and still in bio! Both times it hailed I wasn’t here so I didn’t see how big the hailstones were, but I can tell you that the pruning is taking a long time in those vines – it needs 20-30% more time to prune!

Mee on 2015:
I managed to harvest 37 hectolitres per hectare – so I’m content with that. My degrees are normally about 12.5 to 13°, they were more like 13.5-14° in this vintage. For me it’s a style that’s very sunny and ripe but commercial because the tannins are very well-integrated. I had some worry about the alcohol but the wines are very fresh – I think that all the parameters are all in place…

I note that Mee is also expanding: “I got some MAV in the last vintage – 1.1 ha

The wines…

The 2015s all are bottled. And they are all super – a great address in 2015.

2015 Morgon Corcelette
A beautiful, clean, sleek depth af dark fruit – not super wide, but really inviting. Gets bigger and ever-more silky – better and better! Wide, good freshness, really a growing intensity – dark but fresh fruit highlights and I like the line of intensity here. Really very fine stuff! Dark mineral finishing, never too much rigour. Excellent!

2015 Morgon Grand Cras
Deep and very dark aromas – tight too. Intense, really intense, just a little cushioning to the texture, a hint of licorice in the dark,finishing flavours – some bitter chocolate in the finish. Really a wine to show some respect – patience will be required, but there is a great thing in waiting. Super persistence of mineral flavour!
2015 Morgon Côte de Py
Much more open, fresh and with a super range of complex, fresh and interesting dark fruit with hints of flowers – it’s a beauty. Really wide, intense but different in shape to the last – really the last was more direct, this is much more wide – intense, mineral and with fine fresh concentration. Interesting to compare – a great finish again, mineral again, but this time with a little more salinity. Bravo!
2015 Morgon Passerelle 577
This changes a little in 2014, but this the number of Mee’s mysterious parcel selection on schist and blue stone in Côte du Py. Only wood elevage with some new oak – a mix of foudres, demi-muids and barrels but looking to mark the minimum possible. Here is 21 months of elevage, 18 in barrel. (It’s about 6 months less for the other cuvées)
Good depth, dark-fruited depth an interesting, narrower, top note but really the feeling of a complexity to the width – almost Vosne style. Full, lots of volume, really a wine that starts as it means to finish – demonstrative, a little tannin, lots of freshness and dimension of flavour. Bravo! Simply great wine – and certainly a little Corton in style, but a very good Corton in terms of shape and line! Long, long, mouth-watering flavour – it just keeps going…

2013 Morgon Grand Cras
Nice depth and a width that’s slowly adding a few extra elements. Fresh, direct, really still a little one-dimensional, only very slowly in the mid-palate starting to widen a little. Mineral, accented with tannin. A young wine still – wait 2 more years. A good length of flavour and more red fruited. Maybe it will be good tonight if ‘carafed’ otherwise wait a little.

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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