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DSC00303Tasted in Le Perréon with Jean-Luc Longère, 07 February 201/.

Domaine Longère
Le Duchamp
69460 Le Perréon
Tel: +33 4 74 03 27 63

Jean-Luc on 2016:
April was tough, though luckily the mildew also had bad conditions later, as it became dry and the steep hillsides didn’t support it so much – from April-onwards it was really super dry. There was some hail in the north and rain in the south, but here we had neither. Essentially it was a rather calm vintage. The early rain caused lots of early growth and lots of work the next rain really came only after the harvest. Fortunately there was a decent hydric reserve, so our yields were relatively normal. I’ve been here since 1981 and have only seen half a hectare lost to frost in that time.

Jean-Luc on 2015:
The vigneron is never content – but 2015 came pretty close here! It was warm, when some rain was needed, it came – it was a dream. Some parcels reached 13.7° which is unheard of for us, generally it was lower and importantly the freshness was retained. I think the chances are low that I’ll see another vintage like this – I’m 20% white here and it was a year where I had to harvest earlier, which is also rare, normally I’m always delaying a little as I can see small gains, but in 2015 it was important to keep the balance. Volumes are low for all that – less than 60% of a normal vintage – so whilst the work was easy, we had to pay for that!

The wines…

2016 Beaujolais Blanc
In bottle in a couple of days.
A freshness, a modest and actually attractive faint austerity. Wide, nicely textured accents of fruit but this has more of line of flavour, which I prefer, again a nicely additive accent of austerity which keeps the interest.

2015 Beaujolais Villages Blanc En Verchères
Have made whites here since 1995. This is the name of parcel – 15% in barrel (of 1,2,3 years) elevage – half a hectare of vines, harvested in the morning.
An extra warmth here, but freshness too. Hmm, mineral, fresh, a nice dimension of mouth-watering, tasty, saline-edged flavour. The finish has extra dimension, still mineral but nicely long. Showing very well…

2014 Beaujolais Villages Blanc En Verchères
A more overt nose, fruit above, a suggestion of toast – or maybe reduction. Certainly fresher, more lithe, more rewarding flavour, the acidity edged with sucrosity – this is actually delicious – suggesting a little agrume fruit – hmm! Bravo!

2016 Beaujolais Villages Rosé
From tank, probably bottled later this month… a rosé of the press
A very modest colour. Fresh, pretty, subtle red fruit and very attractive. Still a hint of gas. Wide, with good energy – really a wine that has some serious intent – not overtly sweet. A serious but excellent rosé. It finishes really, really well. This, me, and a hot day….!

Les rouges…

2016 Beaujolais Villages “Amphora”
Actually there’s no cuvée name yet, but this made in an amphora! – maybe it will stay there in the ‘jar’ for a year…
Some floral notes, wide and easy over the palate, a faint tannin, a very floral presentation but good depth too. Quite a nice baby wine.

2015 Beaujolais Villages
Round, an attractive depth – nice, rather than overt. Fresh, supple, relatively easy but at the same time an engaging transparency – the flavour really growing and growing becoming ever-more engaging. Bravo, really an open-ended wine and one that begs a second glass!

2015 Beaujolais Villages Le Vin des Roches
A little deeper in colour – still transparent. A nice roundness of aroma – very attractive, a little in the style of Janin. Also a fresh wine, fine energy and good acidity, lots of complexity a little broader to start than the last, but it’s of bubbling interest. More mineral too, more floral in the the finishing flavour. More rigour – it’s not quite austerity. Fresh, engaging, today less delicious than the last – though not by much and there’s more action here. Super!

2014 Beaujolais Villages ‘Pouvre et Sel’
Not made every year, not made in 15, longer elevage in stainless steel.
Good, deep, transparent, colour. Deeper fruited nose of freshness. Round, good volume, freshness, delicious accents of faintly sweet fruit – directly a wine to drink, drink and drink. Lots if finishing volume too, crunchy-fruited wine to drink. Completely excellent – the most delicious wine this week so far – shame it’s not a 2015! 9€!
2014 Beaujolais Villages Le Vin des Roches
Hmm, a more red-fruited nose, wider in the middle. More direct, more mineral, lots of action, more floral accented, a growing sweetness. Layered in the finish, actually I think more saline than the salt and pepper cuvée(!) and for waiting a little longer. I’d like to compare them again in 2 year – this is more cerebral – the previous isn’t ‘easy’ its just more delicious today.

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