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Tasted in Saint-Vérand with Henri Girin, 15 February 2017.

Domaine Girin
69620 Saint-Vérand
Tel: +33 6 83 53 46 64

Ooh – you’re on time‘ jokes Henri Girin – ‘Normally 09h30 means anywhere between 09h00 and 11h00 here!

Henri on 2016:
We are starting to bottle some 2016s – their concentration is not the same as in 2015. The springtime weather was horrible, already with some mildew pressure – which is quite early. We had no hail or frost just lots and lots of rain. Fortunately, eventually, the sun arrived – August and September turned out very well. the yields are not special but the maturities were okay.

Henri on 2015:
Honestly, 2015 was a once in a lifetime vintage. It was also a really easy vintage, though because of that the grapes were really small and concentrated – so it was also a very small volume harvest – about 30% down in volume, but it was easy to vinify – I’m very happy.

The wines…

Pound for pound, the best wines of my whole trip in Beaujolais this year!

2015 Beaujolais Villages Cuvée Seduction
5-6 day maceration/vinification with all the clusters.
A deep colour and a deep nose to match – dark fruit – almost a velour. Mouth-filling, concentrated flavour to luxuriate in. A faint touch of bitter tannin that is attractive and structural – almost a little coffee accent to the fresh and dark fruit. Simply delicious and for a ridiculously low price – less than 6€ at the cellar door.
2015 Beaujolais Coteaux du Razet Vieilles-Vignes
A selection of old vines. All tank, a little longer elevage
The wine is cold – the nose less overt than the ‘Seduction’ but it’s deep and fresh – more of a dark width and a faint spice. More line, mouth-watering, layered, delicious flavour of depth and complexity. This is simply excellent – easily as good as many crus – even in 2015! – Possibly the bargain of the vintage at about €7!
2015 Beaujolais l’Ancestrale
Destemmed, followed by barrel elevage in 4-5 year-old barrels. Over 60-year-old vines – a parcel selection – a big-ticket €10 wine 🙂
Wide nd fresh, a hint floral a finer texture to the nose, bere with a modest vanilla in the background. More volume in the mouth, even more complexity. More tannin, indeed more of everything – that includes the vanilla – but it is not out of balance and will quickly fade. Fine concentration, and a great wine – this will benefit from the best part of a couple of years in the cellar. Bravo! Plenty of tannin still in the finish, but what a tasty finish! Drink the Razet today (and tomorrow!)

And two recently bottled 2016s…

2016 Beaujolais Villages Cuvée Seduction
An overt mix of herb and flower, red fruit below. Hmm, this is indeed seductive, finely textured with sweetness of fruit, and long flavours – very long and delicious – what a great wine!
2016 Beaujolais Coteaux du Razet Vieilles-Vignes
Like the last, recently bottled.
Like the 2015 this has a little smaller nose but again, no less attractive – very fine, less herbed, complex red fruit – lovely. More supple, silkier texture, very much more floral than the 15 or the last 16 – seductive again with a little more mid-palate complexity and finishing interest. Just delicious again. Excellent – and very much more saline finishing too…

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