Château de la Terrière – 2015


DSC00306Tasted in the Chateau de la Terrière with Grégory Barbet and Frederic Maignet, 20 February 2017.

Château de la Terrière
La Terrière
69220 Cercié
Tel: +33 4 74 66 77 89

Grégory on 2016:
Really hard. Spring was very wet and with hail too – Brouilly wasn’t touched, but we had some damage in Regnié – only half a harvest remained – also 1 hectare in Fleurie was totally lost. The violence was incredible – one or two hailstones hit St.Amour, but practically nothing. This weather really only changed about the 14 July. The last two months were excellent though, so the the grapes were quite concentrated at harvest time. So a hard year but eventually with good surprises. I expect to be very heterogenous.

Grégory on 2015:
2015 is a good chance to permit finding new clients – everyone will love the wines. No big changes here, though lots of replanting – mainly old vines that produced too much! This will help us to work the soil much easier. We are replanting 4 hectares this year. So in the end 15 had wonderful weather – as good as the French Riviera – but delivered about two-thirds a normal size harvest…

The wines…

What a great set of wines – the only downside was that the aromas were really very tight today – a shame – but that was not the only tasting where it was so on this trip. Better (larger) might have helped a little, but in the end, still great wines…

2015 Domaine Romy – Beaujolais Rosé
Domaine in pierre doree, installed here since 2000. 25 hectares, 10 white, some pinot and 15 ha of gamay. This a press wine, not a saigné.
Very faintly spiced and salted nose – big in the mouth though and absolutely delicious wine – precision, mouth-watering, sweetness of flavour, but not too rich. This is simply top!

2015 Domaine Romy, Beaujolais Vieilles-Vignes Pierres Dorees
A dark nose, a hint mineral, a hint spicy, also a little tight. Nice volume in the mouth, a hint of pyrazine but attractively so, the texture is very nice and helps bring a nice line of flavour into the finish. Nicely put together, slightly modest wine in a 2015 context, but very, very drinkable… a little time in the glass and this develops a very fine red-fruited, berry nose. Super.

2015 Domaine de la Pirolette, St Amour
15 ha, bought the domine in 2014. Currently just 1 cuvée though all done in a parcel style. In 2016 Poulettes and le Carjôt are isolated and maybe will be separated at bottling too.
Really a profound and dark nose if still a little tight. This has a nice volume, a supple style without fat and with fine mouth-watering effect. This wine is discreet despite its impressive construction and its beautifully discreet but fine finish too. I Like this very much today – despite its discretion!

2015 Château de Terrière, Beaujolais Villages Vieilles-Vignes
Actually they have no vines in this appellation, rather this is really Regnié – Regnié its harder to sell than BJV!
Quite a deep colour. Another tight nose, very faint spice over darkness. Really a good and fresh volume in the mouth, depth of dark flavour and nothing over-ripe. A faint extra florality too. Obviously rather good for the label!

2015 Château de Terrière, Fleurie
Another tight, faintly spicy nose. Very silky wine and of good fresh width too – a little more depth of flavour and depth of texture here. A hint of bitter on the finishing flavours that is quite attractive. The red fruited finish is good and hints of cherry stones – I like this very much, but again it’s a very discreet performance.

2015 Château de Terrière, Brouilly
From 10 hectares of vines.
Also a tight dark nose with a faint spice. Ooh, this is big, concentrated and intense wine – lots of dark flavour, and layers of flavour too, mouth-watering flavour. It needs a bigger glass to give aromatic interest, but it’s really a super wine. Bravo!

2015 Château Terrière, Régnie Cuvée Vin Sauvage a Poil
From a parcel called le Siberia, 2 ha of 1911 vines and no sulfur, all the wines here are ‘low sulfur’ less than 10 free sulfur at bottling. Really a parcel selection.
Deep colour – like all. Some depth of aroma and even a little higher toned impression. Ooh, this is really concentrated and has a different, croquant style of dark fruit. There is a fine purity here. Really a layered delivery of flavour. Great texture with a little salinity in the finish too. Super wine…

2015 Château Terrière, Brouilly Vieilles-Vignes Non Filtré, Fût de Chêne
Fully destemmed and elevage in barrel ‘à la bourguignone!’ 2 ha worth of vines and the oldest vines of the domaine. A grill and a little pigeage too.
Here the nose is a little more open – only a little. Ooh, this has good volume but also great and growing layers and depth of flavour. A little more tannin. Layers in the finish too. Less overt energy, but just gloriously flavoured. Really gorgeous!

2015 Château Terrière, Moulin à Vent Le Moulin Vieilles-Vignes
The most open nose – a muscle-flexing dark fruit – it’s still a little tight though. Ooh, fresh, direct, a very different shape after the last. Here is energy and a growing tannic dryness. Really a good volume, really more mineral – a wine for keeping much longer, indeed waiting for much longer. This is a super wine – and almost delicious too!

2015 Château Terrière, Bourgogne Pinot Noir
Young vines in pierre dorée
Also quite a tight nose. Supple, weighty, a nice fine tannin, good layers of flavour. A little stewed impression to the mid-palate fruit. But essentially a big, ripe but tasty mouthful of pinot.

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