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Jean-Marc Brocard, Pierre Brissy & Guillaume Hoog 2021Tasted with Jean-Marc Brocard, Pierre Brissy and Guillaume Hoog in Préhy, 13 January 2021.

Jean-Marc Brocard
3, route de Chablis
89800 Préhy
Tel: +33 3 86 41 49 00
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Jean-Marc on 2019:
2019 was a hot year, particularly at the end of the season – there was a little rain at the end of the maturing phase. The wines a little warmer than absolutely classic Chablis, but the vinifications ran well and no obvious losses during the vintage – so the yield were quite acceptable here. Some of the biodynamic parcels had volumes higher than the average – BD is never high but offers an extra level of consistency. Our alcoholic fermentations went well.

The wines…

On this showing, easy but delicious wines in general chez JMB in 2019 – with one or two, noted, great wines!

Since 2011 everything has been in DIAM – “and the customers are happy.

2019 Jean-Marc Brocard, Petit Chablis
That’s a rounder nose, attractive. A supple wine of good concentration. Wide and easy – but absolutely delicious flavour. Already drinking beautifully.

2019 Jean-Marc Brocard, Chablis
Mainly Courgis and Préhy. The best part of 100 hectares worth so there are a number of bottlings. All stainless-steel elevage, one racking at the end of fermentation but retaining all the lees – no batonnage.
A little extra higher-tones in this wine – some citrus skin. Extra freshness, direct, very nice depth to the flavour. Nicely mineral and mouth-watering – not forthright in minerality – but enough and very delicious with a zesty finish faintly accented with a tannin.

2019 Jean-Marc Brocard, Chablis Vieilles-Vignes de St.Clair ‘Organic’
More mineral width here. I like very much the extra intensity but it’s not a wine of direction, it’s rather round, finely grained tannin in the finish – more complexity, practically more accessible too – delicious again.

2019 Jean-Marc Brocard, Chablis ‘Vignes 1946 Organic
A mix of concrete ‘eggs’ and foudres for elevage. Same parcel as the last – vines on the plateau of Prehy. Organic – actually biodynamic – but an older planting date.
A very fine nose, today rather ethereal. Extra width and freshness – there’s a little more sweetness to this wine too. Layered, very mouth-watering. Holding a fine weight of finish – super again – an accent of dryness in the finish.

2019 Jean-Marc Brocard, Chablis 1er Montmains
Just from Montmains.
A riper aspect to greener citrus fruit. Nicely driving, lovely energy – really juicy here. That’s a fine finish too. That’s lovely wine.

2019 Jean-Marc Brocard, Chablis 1er Butteaux ‘Organic’
All Stockinger foudres for elevage. The highest part of JMB’s Montmains – ‘the maturity comes very quickly here.’
This nose is more timid. The mouth, not! That’s wide, intense but just a little easier and more accessible than the Montmains – deliciously mouth-watering. That’s a great more elegant finish.

2018 Jean-Marc Brocard, Chablis 1er Côte de Léchet
Also a compact nose here, just flashes of yellow citrus. Direct, more overtly mineral too – some structure here. Slowly mouth-watering. Long finishing but with discretion.

2019 Jean-Marc Brocard, Chablis 1er Vau de Vey
Here the citrus reverts to ‘citrus-skin’ and a slightly greener, lime, colour. Nicely mouth-filling, cool fruit is the style here. Incisive in the middle and with lovely mouth-watering flavour too. Wide and persistent finishing – this is excellent.

2019 Jean-Marc Brocard, Chablis 1er Fourchaume
A nose with extra depth, a little compact in the middle, slowly opening with aeration. Wide and energetic. Really good acidity here – super mouth-watering. Lovely mouth-watering, nicely mineral but not strong.

2019 Jean-Marc Brocard, Chablis 1er Homme Mort
Here a touch of barrel, actually foudre, but it’s a light accent. Bright, fresh – really a water-fall of flavour in this one. Intense but never cutting, layered and completely delicious – with that citrus juice depth. Bravo – a baby too.
2019 Jean-Marc Brocard, Chablis 1er Montée de Tonnerre
A lovely nose with an airy elegance as opposed to power. Beautiful cut and mouth-watering style. This the slightly less structured version of the last wine – easier to access and similarly great, perhaps greater in the finish.

2019 Jean-Marc Brocard, Chablis 1er Mont de Milieu
Again a modest intensity of aroma but very good aromatic depth. That’s a lovely width of flavour – a little more structured today than the MdT, greener citrus fruit. That’s a great finish, more mineral showing than MdT.

2019 Jean-Marc Brocard, Chablis 1er Vaulorent
A more open nose than the last two – ripe fruit, perhaps again shaded towards green citrus but still a golden aspect. Really juicy and mouth-filling – here’s another waterfall of delicious energy. A final kiss that has some redolence of the foudre but a very, very, excellent, indeed bravo wine!

2019 Jean-Marc Brocard, Chablis Bougros
Starting tight but slowly opening, precise and a little floral too. A small grain of tannin – wide, nice energy – not overdone, obviously a little more concentration and complexity. Long and texturally interesting from the tannin. A very fine wine, tactile…

2019 Jean-Marc Brocard, Chablis Vaudesir
Here is more depth and a little more width of ripe fruit aroma – pushed forward with a little wood. Crisp, incisive despite obvious concentration, width, a faint textural tannin again – but less than Bougros. The finish is again more about width, but subtly very long …

The biodynamic wines of Julien Brocard ‘Les 7 Lieux:’

2019 Julien Brocard, Petit Chablis Les Plantes
Opposite the JMB winery.
The first impression is of foudre – slowly adding a more mineral depth with air. A little plush but still with energy and a bubbling personality. A vibration of finishing energy – an airy wine but absolutely delicious wine.

2019 Julien Brocard, Chablis La Boissonneuse
Here in 1998 were the domaine’s first tests in biodynamics
The nose that’s a little round today. In the mouth, there’s energy and a little concentration at play too. Very delicious, growing wider and wider – great finishing. Just a little compact today but absolutely delicious.

2019 Julien Brocard, Chablis 1er Vaudevey
A nose of more volume and plenty of salinity. Broader, more intense, lovely energy – that’s a wine of delicious clarity. Long and super – concentrated in the finish.

2019 Julien Brocard, Chablis 1er Côte de Léchet
A deep nose, deeply mineral too. That’s a large-scaled wine in the mouth – never too much of anything – but plenty of scale. Bubbling nicely with energy – open, and finishing with a strong mineral width that’s only lightly accented with greener citrus. Contemplative finishing – really super.

2019 Julien Brocard, Chablis Les Preuses
One of my wines of the year in the 2017 vintage, more discrete in 2018.
Much more open, of obvious depth of aroma – complex and concentrated. Gorgeous clarity, a small depth to the texture – just a millimetre or two of comfort. Direct and mineral yet wide and mouth-watering too. It will be great – just be as patient as possible.

For the road:

2013 Chablis 1er Butteaux
Already in DIAM at this time.
Hmm, that’s a lovely nose – deep, you sense the sweetness but there’s a growing complexity of maturity. Wide, beautiful energy, a touch of salinity, long and very tasty waves of finishing flavour – just delicious.

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