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Sébastien & Vincent Dampt 2020Tasted in Milly with Sébastien & Vincent Dampt, 04 January 2021.

Domaines Daniel, Sébastien and Vincent Dampt
1 Chemin des Violettes
89800 Milly
Tel: +33 3 86 42 47 23
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Notes on ‘Vignoble Dampt’ in Collan, who are cousins, can be found (as usual) here.

On 2019:
2019 is certainly a warm vintage, perhaps second place after 2018 and that had a big harvest. 2019 was cool in the Spring though, and perhaps the combination of some frost and the weather meant that the flowering wasn’t the best – lots of millerandes. We took a lot of care in choosing the date of harvest – we didn’t want to be too early but didn’t want to be in a position of needing to acidify either – we started 11 September. The grapes didn’t seem to suffer in the vintage – as they did in 18 – certainly we have some effect of concentration because of the weather. What we like is that we kept a good balance – one of the keys was to harvest very quickly – we did 38 hectares in 8 days with 12-13°. Yields were about 45 hl/ha so maybe about 15% down but the volume is not as important as the quality.

The wines…

A very floral vintage here at the (three) domaine(s). Wine of clarity, energy and proper Chablis minerality too – I just miss a little salinity – but it’s the same at most addresses in 2019. A very fine address for 2019s.

Practically the whole range is with DIAM, a number of cuvées with the new Origine 5. Screwcap is also available for the Petit Chablis. With new plantations the team here will have 6 hectares of Petit Chablis in the range when all comes online:

2019 Domaine Daniel Dampt, Petit Chablis
In Fyé near (above) 1er Berdiot. A combination of older and younger vines, was bottled in April after all tank elevage.
Finely perfumed, fruity – very inviting. Mouth-watering, fine, a delicate and very pretty wine. Gorgeous PC.

2019 Domaine Sébastien Dampt, Petit Chablis Terroirs de Fyé
Only young – 4 yo – vines and only 25 hl/ha
Here a little more saline and vibrant. More structured and intense wine – completely different in character – but with a fine, mouth-watering finish. To keep a little longer, but lovely.

2019 Domaine Sébastien Dampt, Petit Chablis Terroirs de Milly
About 12-year-old vines – planted 2007 – near Lys next to the Bois de Milly.
A little more freshness and complexity on this nose. Intensity without the richness of concentration of the last. A little more classic and wide – bravo – super PC

2019 Domaine Vincent Dampt, Petit Chablis
Grapes from Beines. Barrel for 30% of elevage but older barrels, racked in February – fermented in barrel, one battonage and then racked into tank.
Narrower but deeper nose, very subtly spiced from the oak. Fresh, wide, great attack – very mouth-watering wine. I like the structure here and I’d wait 6 months before attacking these.

2019 Domaine Daniel Dampt, Chablis
Assembly of parcels, 80% for Milly, plus Beine and Fontenay. About 30-35-year-old vines on average. All tank elevage.
That’s a very attractive, quite pretty nose, higher tones, floral. In the mouth there’s width and bubbling energy, fine intensity – bravo – love that!
2019 Domaine Sebastien Dampt, Chablis
5 parcels, mainly older vines in Milly. Vieux Voie is the principle location.
There is complexity here but also a more concentrated and compact style to the nose. Super acidity – drink the previous wine first but this has super acidity and shape – bravo again but a more intense experience.

2019 Domaine Vincent Dampt, Chablis
Also 90% from Milly.
The first few seconds have a faint reduction and the signal that it is gone is a burst of floral aroma – very impressive. Smoother texture – wider, insinuating flavour, layered waves of fine flavour – maybe drink this the first of these as there’s the slightly textural padding – excellent.

2019 Domaine Daniel Dampt, Chablis 1er Beauroy
0.5 ha, in the climat of Beauroy, just behind the Côte de Lechet, the soil has a very fine white clay that’s hard to work. Sometimes less acidity here but high ripeness – can be an opulent place – so harvested first day of the harvest.
A freshness of aroma – saline, a little extra ripeness of fruit in support. Supple, concentrated but completely balanced. Like the last Chablis, almost textured waves of finishing flavour – it’s concentrated here and very persistent in the finish.

2019 Daniel Dampt Chablis 1er Fourchaume
From 4 parcels with a majority of old vines, amounting to 1 ha. one parcel in Vaupulent.
Super nose – complex, small fireworks and energy – eventually floral too – that’s great. Direct, pure, intense – great Chablis, love the texture – this reminds me of a 2012 – my favourite.

2019 Domaine Daniel Dampt, Chablis 1er Vaillons
4 ha, 60% Lys, 25% Chatains, the rest from Sechets. Vines older than 40.
A more compact nose, suggesting but not fully developing the floral side. Very wide, mouth-watering with complexity and energy. Great finishing – that’s a very excellent Vaillons!

2019 Sébastien Dampt, Chablis 1er Les Vaillons
60 year-old vines in Beugnons in stainless-steel – 1 hectare.
A deeper, more mineral nose. Extra open and energetic – almost electric. Pure, pure Chablis with a faint reductive suggestion. Bravo.

2019 Domaine Vincent Dampt, Chablis 1er Vaillons
A mix of 2005 and 2011 vines, part in 2/3 Beugnons, the other 1/3 in Chatains – one-third barrels of 350 litres for elevage
Clarity of florals, ripe citrus and minerals – I’ll have to stop using superlatives as they will run out! Really mineral, not very sweet, the austerity from bitter, zesty citrus skin.

2018 Domaine Daniel Dampt, Chablis 1er Les Lys
From the oldest parcel of vines in Les Lys – and the only one exposed north, made separately since 2001. 60-year-old vines directly on the hill above the winery. A part goes into his Vaillons, this is the ‘pure Lys’
The first wine with a saline aspect to the nose – pretty lemon citrus too. Effusive, plenty of mouth-filling volume, beautifully finishing with a delicious, narrow line of citrus-infused flavour. Excellent, perhaps more!

2019 Domaine Sebastien Dampt, Chablis 1er Beugnons
Wax-topped bottles whose elevage was in a concrete ‘egg-shaped’ tank (since 2013) with built-in thermo-regulation – ‘It’s ‘raw’ concrete so there’s some oxygenation.’
The glass needs some swirling, but here is a great nose of mineral energy and some floral elements. Direct, no prisoners, but melting with mouth-watering citric acidity. Beautiful minerality – bravo.
2019 Domaine Daniel Dampt, Chablis 1er Les Lys
A calmer but far from subdued nose – slightly softer flowers but clarity and depth of minerality too. Very wide, vibrant, melting and with impressive balance for such obvious concentration. Bravo

2019 Domaine Daniel Dampt, Chablis 1er Cote de Lechet
About 45 years-old on average, an assembly of 4 parcels, one large parcel running right from the bottom to the top. South, south-west facing, usually riper here.
Again multiple dimensions of mineral notes – a great Chablis nose. Fuller in the middle, bubbling energy – that’s wide and persistent in the finish too.

2019 Domaine Sebastien Dampt, Chablis 1er Cote de Lechet
50 yo vines, a parcel of vines from bottom to top – always a worry of frost here though. Lots of court-noué here.
Clarity and minerality again, faintly framed with florals. More mouth-filling and even more energetic. Extra-long with a faint impression of finishing tannin. Super wine again…

2019 Domaine Vincent Dampt, Chablis 1er Cote de Lechet
“The historic 1er of Milly.” 2 parcels, 0.80 ha, 1964-68 planting dates. This all tank elevage.
A more forward aromatic impact here. Mouth-filling, there’s energy and intensity combined but in a slightly rounder shape. A slowly mouth-watering long finish from an obvious concentration once more.

2019 Maison Dampt Chablis Bougros
228 l barrels, 3-7 years old, no battonage. It’s really too hard to get the grapes these days. A contract since 2008.
Yes, there’s some oak here but what a vibrant nose too! The same mouth-perfume as the nose. Riper fruit but such vibrant flavour – slowly narrowing and finishing in a pure mineral line. An upfront wine, the finish more subtle but impressive. That’s an excellent grand cru and with quite some personality.

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