Château de Béru – 2019


Tasted in Béru, with Gaëlle Ribé, 05 January 2021. Domaine Château de Béru 32 Grande Rue 89700 Beru Tel: +33 3 86 75 94 95 More reports for Domaine Château de Béru Gaëlle on 2020: “I’m very happy with it, certainly the quantity – we started with a lot of grapes but then came…

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There is one response to “Château de Béru – 2019”

  1. @Burgundypapi24th February 2021 at 10:15 pmPermalink

    I visited when 13/14 were available which were super at the domaine but the following years developed that flaw (for me) of “rancid butter” in the aftertaste which I find in many of the more extreme natural whites. Have you experienced this with later vintages? I really like the structure of the wines here but have not been buying them after 2014. Cheers from Stockholm!

    • billn25th February 2021 at 7:23 amPermalink

      That’s a really interesting observation.
      My first visit to taste was for the 2015s so I don’t have the back-catalogue of tastings for 13/14, nor of tasting older bottles. Some of the 15s were a little on the natural side but from my perspective each year they seem ever-more pure and beautifully structured – though the flaw, one could say, in my system is that I never see the wines after bottling. I really hope that they no longer follow the path you’ve previously noted – it would be a terrible shame for what seems like brilliant juice…

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