Chevallier – 2018


Tasted in Montallery with Céline Courty-Chevallier and her father, Claude, 16 January 2020.

Domaine Chevallier
6 rue de L’ecole
89290 Montallery
Tel: +33 3 86 40 27 04

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There were only half harvests here in both 2016 and 2017, but now most of the 2018s are already bottled – just one more cuvée to do.

Claude on 2019:
2019 it was different to 2018; there’s a little more dry extract, wines that are more mineral, more typical of Chablis. We started with a little frost, and the heat of the summer blocked the maturity for a while – there was also a small episode of hail in the region of Courgis. In the end, we were only down about 10% down in volume at the end of the year, so compared to many, that was a good result – and we have a little VCI from the 2018s too.

The wines…

An elegant style to the wines at this address – and if you value elegance, a couple here are first-rate!

It’s mainly the new generation of Nomacorc for the first two wines and the others are generally Trescases cork.

2018 Petit Chablis
All tank elevage from about 3 hectares of vines in Beine
Hmm, a little floral note here – very faintly saline – a compact but inviting nose. Hmm, that has a nice complexity, subtle, floral, saline, an elegant PC and long. Really delicious…

2018 Chablis
A mix of Beine and Courgis and a small plot in Milly. Also 100% tank elevage. Representing about 8 hectares of vines.
Again a little floral touch – here with a little more depth to the aroma. More mouth-filling, more width, some extra minerality too. A lovely mouth-watering finish here – very long. Excellent wine, and if you’re looking for a certain elegance – bravo!

2018 Chablis Cuvée Prestige
This is the old vine wine – 1987 vines – about one-third barrel elevage and fermentation too – barrels 1-10 years old.
A tighter nose, a little more higher-toned. A rounder texture, more complexity, a little oak in that – hmm – a big finish, slowly mouth-watering. Tasty and long – wait 12 months – perhaps a little longer, but this is another super wine…

2018 ‘Maison’ Chablis 1er Montmains
This is a purchase as must. This all barrel elevage, none new – 2-4 year-old barrels.
A high-toned nose, one with plenty of oak-spice showing. Round, oak-spiced, beautifully textured, layered flavour and super flavour, not overtly mineral on this showing, not too rich either, but still a luxurious mouth-feel. Super wine.

2018 Domaine Chablis 1er Montmains
Vinified the same as the last.
A much more discreet nose – high-toned, with a hint of flowers. Fresher, more drive, more complexity and energy – more life! Really a growing well of finishing flavour too. Long, long. The barrel is rather discreet but you should anyway wait at least a year. Delicious, super wine – bravo!

And to finish:

2011 Petit Chablis
DIAM-sealed – 2011 was the last vintage with a little VCI.
A relatively young colour. A classic 2011 fennel and asparagus nose, aromas of freshness. Richness, nice shape in the mouth – fresh and young too, nice finishing – a wine that is clearly from it’s vintage with plenty of asparagus – but if you pair it well with your dishes, you’ll be happy!

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