Millet – 2015


DSC09219Tasted in Tonnerre with Baudoin Millet, 12 January 2017.

Domaine Millet
Ferme de Marcault
Route de Viviers
89700 Tonnerre
Tel: +33 3 86 75 92 56

Baudoin on 2016:
2016 was a horror. We have only 1/3 of a normal crop. Here was one of the epicentres of frost – and then we had the second wave of hail. 9 from 14 hectares was lost. At least, vs some of our neighbours we were spared much of the mildew – probably as we had so few grapes! The vintage will be hyper-complicated to commercialise as i have so little stock – almost zero. On the positive side, the grapes in the hands looked good though – let’s see after the malos, which are running really slowly just now.

Baudoin on 2015:
The task with the 2015 was keeping the freshness – because I’m I always looking for the line and the purity.

The wines…

Domaine Millet have 2 Petit Chablis cuvées; that appellation covering almost 80% of their exploitation. Their second Petit Chablis is a parcel selection that enjoys an extra long elevage on its lees.

All had small acid additions before fermentation – except La Perle – and the wines are without exception, delicious.

2015 Petit Chablis
This wine sees elevage for the same length of time as the 1er cru. Normally it is bottled in June/July, but if there’s some commercial
Hmm, bright, fresh, faintly herbed, floral. Supple, rounded, some sucrosite, flowers again, really fine in the mouth, with ripe but fresh fruit. Delicious PC!
2015 Petit Chablis La Perle
A later bottling with longer time on the lees. A quality clone that delivers a lower yield – – normally more round.
Fresh, more open, a little more mineral, but invitingly so. Supple weight, open, giving, sweetly mouth-watering wine. Again with a small floral aspect. Beautiful again!

2015 Chablis
Les floral, clearly more brightly mineral. Wide, a nice texture – almost tannin. Cool fruit and a more obviously saline in style. More rigorous, more classic Chablis. Needing just a little patience, but excellent!

2015 Chablis Vieilles Vignes
0.4 hectares of 60 year-old vines with a smaller yield – less tan 30 hl/ha. But same elevage as the last wine.
This nose is just faintly rounder and certainly more packed with info. Hmm. This has the floral aspect again – a beautifully mouth-watering wine with a sweet saline edge – it’s delicious again, and that’s despite more rigour in the finishing minerality. Bigger fruit in the finish too almost pear fruit.

2015 Chablis 1er Vaucoupin
1 hectare of vines.
Bright, wide, open and complex – there is the house style of the easy, inviting, faintly sweet and floral here too. Bright, clearly more intense, modestly saline, less modestly mineral, a little finishing rigour to the minerality. Super wine!

2015 Baudoin Millet, Chablis Vaudesir
This label is for the bought grapes. One third new oak.
Big, bright and interesting – certainly plenty of oak too. Hmm, this is fabulously energetic and mouth-watering – a tour de force here. There is so much going on that it takes a while to register the oak in the mid-palate and finish – but I’m pretty sure this will be gone in 18-24 months. Super wine, and gorgeous drinking. There’s so much energy, its easy to miss the fine texture at the base.

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